*Mirror's Edge laptop contest concludes! Who won?
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Mirror's Edge laptop contest concludes! Who won?

12:00 AM on 03.28.2009  ·  Niero

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Mirror's Edge Gaming Notebook giveaway, sponsored by EA and Nvidia. The randomly selected first and second prize winners are as follows!

Nvidia Graphics Card Winner: EverybodyRuns
Mirror's Edge PC Winners: Volcanon, KingNothing997, TheGuero, SpikeDelight, Rel123

Update: Congratulations, Sami!  Your half-naked walk through Harvard paid off and impressed the Dtoid Community. Could this be the first time someone teabagged as currency for a computer? This is history in the making, folks. Thanks to all that participated, especially Travolta, SirJester, K4nchi, and SickNasty for the awesome entries above. 

Didn't win?  We have a full 4-instrument set of Rock Band 2 to give away this week.  Enter the contest!


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