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Meet the Women of The Witcher 2

3:40 PM on 05.06.2011 // Maurice Tan

Perhaps you may have gotten the idea that the ladies in The Witcher 2 are merely objectified eye candy for the teenage male-adolescent player. Nothing could be farther from the truth, besides the fact that the game is not for teenagers in the first place.

From the first 8 hours or so I've played, the female characters were actually among the strongest and most capable characters Geralt encounters. Then again, all the male characters are either rapists, suffer from a case of excessive bravado, need rescuing, are worse schemers than Wormtongue, or are just obscenity-shouting idiots.

So, courtesy of CD Projekt RED, here is a look at some of the female characters in The Witcher 2!

Triss Merigold

Blessed with radiant natural beauty and flowing auburn tresses that make her impossible to forget, Triss Merigold was once considered a modest if promising student of magic. While it’s true that the mightiest sorceresses still surpass her powers, none can deny her their respect, not after she helped defeat the sinister Salamandra and quell the rebellious Order of the Flaming Rose. The wisdom and courage she demonstrated in these and other difficult situations also gained her a position as a trusted advisor to King Foltest of Temeria.

A native of Maribor, she has known Geralt for a number of years; although still relatively young for a sorceress, she is considerably older than she appears – a trait he shares. During this time, she has had occasion to tend to his wounds… and to his other needs. Their relationship has become a shifting mix of friendship and love. What’s beyond any doubt, however is that they are  completely loyal to each other and to a few close friends like Zoltan and Dandelion.

Triss is definitely pleased about displaying her charms in Playboy. "Women and girls are constantly trying to attract Geralt’s attention. I’m happy to show them that they’re foolish to think they can succeed."


Fair-haired, girlish of face and shapely of body, Ves would stand out anywhere. But she’s even more
noticeable since she’s seldom seen outside the company of brawny Temerian special forces soldiers.
That’s because she’s a highly valued member of their unit. She may well be the most lethal of all with
a crossbow, and is nearly as deadly with her sword and throwing knives. Hundreds of adversaries who
underestimated her did not live to regret their rashness.

Ves' station in life did not come naturally. Born into a humble peasant family, she knew nothing of the
military life until chance brought her before her commander, Vernon Roche. Seeing immediately that
she was not only intelligent but also unusually determined and naturally patriotic, he chose her for
training, a decision he has never had reason to regret. She has always served with distinction, even in
situations where she had to rely on her beauty and charm rather than her steel.

However, Ves has no wish to be seen or treated differently from her cohorts because of her gender.
"I’m a soldier, not a soft handmaiden or serving wench. When any fool thinks otherwise, I’m always
glad to correct his impression with the edge of my blade."

Sheala de Tancarville

A mere quick glance is enough to see that Sheala de Tancarville possesses remarkable beauty. But even
close examination – if that were somehow possible – would not reveal her true age. Like other highly
skilled practitioners of sorcery, she appears far younger than her years, which are said to span at least a
century. Since she also carries herself elegantly and dresses in the finest fashions, one might think she’d
be surrounded by suitors. However, she cares not for such attention. Unemotional, aloof, even severe
of demeanor, she has come to be known as the Koviri Loner.

Although Sheala also has no interest in politics, barons and kings still seek her out – for their own ends,
of course. Having dedicated her life to study, her command of the elements and knowledge of alchemy
may be unsurpassed. Her abilities are well known among sorceresses across the Northern Kingdoms
and beyond; they respect and even fear her. So it is curious indeed that she has made her way to the
unremarkable village of Port Flotsam.

"Do not annoy me with your questions. What brings me here is no one’s business but my own." Be this
true or not, can anyone as powerful as Sheala avoid being swept into the swirling currents of the day?

Saskia is a natural leader. Born the daughter of a poor knight, she was given over at a young age into
the care of a humble but principled peasant family, and thus remembers little of him. Still, he may have
left her an inheritance of incomparable value, her commanding charisma. She also grew into the kind of
beauty men will follow into battle without hesitation no matter the odds - smooth-skinned with shining
hair, dark brows, a compelling gaze, shapely lips and full breasts that perfectly complement her gently
rounded hips and shapely legs.

When civil war swept her homeland, Saskia led a peasant revolt, attracting many followers to her cause,
even non-humans. Clad in full armor, she demonstrated exceptional skill, both with sword and shield
and as a decisive commander, leading her forces to victory over nobles and their trained armies. As her
triumphs mounted, so did her legend grow. Now, one tale says she is invulnerable to fire, another that
she has slain a dragon – a feat unheard of for anyone except a witcher.

Saskia is humble about such stories, saying very little. "They just grow in the re-telling. I’m nothing
more than what you see, a soldier."

Filippa Eilhart

As proud and independent as she is pleasing to the eye, Filippa Eilhart is renowned as one of the most
talented sorceresses in the Northern Kingdoms. Few if any approach her understanding of polymorphy,
perhaps the most challenging of the arcane arts. Among her rare skills, she can transform into an owl,
thus gaining the ability to fly. Like her sisters, she does not show her age, which probably exceeds 100

Filippa's talents brought her to the court of Redania, Temeria`s main rival. Fulfilling her strong ambition
and interest in politics, she rose to a position of influence, becoming the lover of Sigismund, the chief of
intelligence, as well as an advisor and perhaps more to its ruler, King Vizimir. Following his mysterious
death, she gained a seat on the ruling council of regents. Not as detached as Sheala, neither is she
friendly by nature or even particularly agreeable, except perhaps when it will serve her purpose.

"Men, even kings, are so easily swayed by beauty. And women aren`t always immune to each other`s
charms either." Will Filippa continue to shape the destiny of the Northern Kingdoms or fall victim to
her own supreme self-confidence?

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Maurice Tan,
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