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May is for demon slaying in Hellgate

7:30 PM on 05.01.2012

Fraser Brown

Former Contributor

The resurrected free-to-play MMO shooter, Hellgate, is celebrating the month of May with a few events. May, of course, being a major holiday for all demons and demon slayers. In the Daily Hunt players can embark on a bit of a treasure hunt, scouring the game for items while slaughtering powerful foes. Successful hunters will be greatly rewarded, apparently. Level Rush tasks players with making a new character and leveling as fast as they can, which sounds like the antithesis of fun to me, but I'm sure it will intrigue the folk who do that of their own volition anyway. The final "event" is Weekend Extravaganza, where those demon hunters who buy premium items are rewarded with special bonuses to make the game easier. 

I've never heard of people calling power leveling or shopping an event before, but then again I've never celebrated demon hunter holidays before, either. Have fun slaughtering the hordes of hell very, very quickly.

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