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Max Payne 3 behind the scenes video shows impressive tech


I always love this kind of stuff. There's a certain "man behind the curtain" thing associated with videogames or any type of entertainment medium. But it's really cool to hear how games were put together and have some things pointed out to you that you would never notice or appreciate without the developers specifically showing you how hard they worked on something. It's that sort of stuff that is incredibly inspiring to me. Videogames are magic. Anyway, back to the video.

Rockstar is putting together a series of "Design and Tech" behind the scenes videos to show off just how truly impressive Max Payne 3 is. It'll use innovative cinematic tricks to seamlessly move from cutscene to gameplay and back again without ever seeing a loading screen. There's also a custom panel generator that will dynamically incorporate in-game footage in real time to give it the classic comic book presentation. The environment will also have a huge array of things shattering, breaking apart, burning, and interacting with Max all during gunplay. And that's not even half of what the video shows off. So, who's ready to finally get their hands on Max Payne 3?

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