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Marvelous made mad bank off of boobies and Vanillaware

10:00 AM on 10.30.2011

Tony Ponce


Behold the combined might of mammaries and rich, creamy vanilla!

Japanese media powerhouse Marvelous AQL was expecting a net loss of 185 million yen (over $2.4 million) for the first six months of its fiscal year. However, it looks like the company actually experienced a net gain of 192 million yen (over $2.5 million). The $5 million difference is thanks primarily to strong sales booby ninja schoolgirl game Senran Kagura on 3DS and hand-drawn Vanillaware RPG Grand Knights History on PSP. As a result, Marvelous has revised its full-year forecast -- instead of a net income of 180 million yen (over $2.3 million), it expects a whopping 3.14 billion yen (over $41.4 million)!

I love it when promising-looking games are rewarded with strong sales, don't you? It's the kind of performance that leads to localization announcements, wouldn't you say? We already know that Grand Knights History will arrive this winter on our shores, so I just hope this news is the push Senran Kagura needs to make the trek across the Pacific.

Marvelous Raises Earnings Expectations Due to Senran Kagura and Vanillaware [Andriasang]

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Tony Ponce
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