Mario & Luigi: Dream Team dreams up new Japanese trailer - destructoid

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team dreams up new Japanese trailer

11:00 AM on 07.03.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director


[Update: Feel free to check out the amazing commercial for the game below.]

If you've ever wanted to hear someone go for the record for saying "Luigi" the most times in a game trailer, this new Japanese Dream Team video is for you. Although voiced entirely in Japanese, most people will be able to pick up the gist of some of the concepts introduced in the trailer, like timing based combat, and various platforming mechanics.

You'll also get to see hardcore Katamari-style Luigi ball action among some other surprises. This game looks so out there, and I really hope it delivers. Stay tuned later this year for a verdict, as multiple Destructoid editors will be checking it out!

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Chris Carter
Reviews Director follow

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