Mario Galaxy 2 screenshots are f*cking gorgeous

6:30 PM on 02.24.2010

It's not often you can use the term "f*cking gorgeous" when talking about Wii screenshots, but Nintendo's artists always find a way to squeeze some impressively beautiful visuals out of the little white waggle box. It's all in the presentation, I suppose, and it's that presentation that makes Mario Galaxy 2 look delightful in these new screenshots. 

It really makes you wonder why so many Wii games look so bad when titles like this prove that you can have pretty visuals. Sure, they're not super hi-def, but they still look really vibrant and colorful. Just goes to show you how lazy some Wii developers truly are. It's like, they know the Wii has a reputation for poor visuals, so they just don't bother. 

At least Mario Galaxy 2 is here to shame them. 

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Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor