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Make me laugh and win Rayman for the Wii


OK guys and gals, I'm holding another "make me laugh" contest and this time the grand prize is Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii. The rules are very simple: make me laugh. How can you do it? Here's how:

• Create a picture or video containing rabbits that will make me laugh


• Find a picture or video you didn't create that would make me laugh that includes bunnies

All entries should be posted here, in the forums, and you all have until Sunday (12/3) to get 'er done. Naturally, original pieces will have more of a shot, but if you find something I've never seen before that causes me to wet myself, then of course you can win. Have fun, and remember kids, do not harm any rabbits while doing this. If you do, I will personally haunt your dreams for the rest of your miserable life.


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#Contests #Freebies #Nintendo #Previews #Wii
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