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Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition revealed

9:00 AM on 12.06.2012

Jim Sterling

Former Reviews Editor

Special re-release will need to be imported

Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition has been announced for Japan, slated to arrive on February 14, 2013. 

The special edition release will include a "perfect unlock code," as well as two DVDs, and computer stuff including desktop clock, wallpaper, and video trailers. It all comes in obligatory fancy packaging.

It'll be coming to Japanese PS3s and 360s for 4,980 yen, so contact your favorite importer if this is something you fancy. Something tells me it won't be crossing the ocean by choice.   

Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine’s Edition Dated For February 14, 2013 [Siliconera]

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Jim Sterling
Former Reviews Editor follow

4:00 PM on 03.08.2014
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Lollipop Chainsaw surpasses one million sales

Congrats, Grasshopper Manufacture!
6:00 AM on 09.27.2013
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Juliet Starling gets lollipopping figurine

Get it? Cause Lollipop Chainsaw
11:00 PM on 02.16.2013
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition now available

Import away!
10:30 AM on 07.07.2012
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Talking to Women about Videogames: Lollipop Chainsaw Pt 2

6:30 PM on 06.18.2012
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Here are our Lollipop Chainsaw contest winners!

2:00 PM on 06.18.2012
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Objectification and Lollipop Chainsaw

1:00 PM on 06.16.2012
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Win a swag box full of Lollipop Chainsaw goodies!

11:01 PM on 06.11.2012
Lollipop Chainsaw update

Review: Lollipop Chainsaw

3:00 AM on 06.01.2012
Lollipop Chainsaw update

New trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw all about the gameplay

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