*Live show: Sanctum 2 gameplay and giveaway
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Live show: Sanctum 2 gameplay and giveaway


Check the game out a day early, and maybe win a copy!

[Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4p.m. Pacific on Dtoid.TV. Watch King Foom play a variety of games, each day with its own theme. With a heavy focus on community and viewer interaction, you can be as much a part of the show as anything else.]

Be sure to join us tonight on Mash Tactics as we show off Sanctum 2 a day before it's released. We'll be gathering some friends together for a night of epic, first-person, tower-defense mayhem, while also giving away a few copies of the game. If you want to check the game out a bit early to see what it's all about, or if you just want to try and win yourself a copy, make sure to come on over to the live channel a bit early and hang out!

After Mash Tactics, stick around for more live gaming goodness as Ryuusei jumps into a heavily modded Final Fantasy VII  for a few hours, and Nekobun makes his return while trying to give the unforgiving Cold Fear yet another chance. We have hours upon hours of awesome live content each and every day at Dtoid.TV, come check it out!

QotD: What type of crazy game hybrid would you like to see?


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Rick KingFoom OlsonDtoid.TV Producer // Profile & Disclosures

Long time video game broadcaster guy, and all around Twitch.TV community enthusiast. Kingdom Of Foom LIVE M-F at apx 6pm CT @ twitch.tv/king_foom more
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