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Live show: Finishing RAGE on Mash Tactics

5:30 PM on 10.10.2011

Bill Zoeker

Video Technomancer


[Not sure what Mash Tactics is? I've included a clip from a recent episode to show you just a glimpse of what you've been missing, you daft fool! You can see all of Destructoid's previously-aired live shows in our archives.]

Today, Mash Tactics will be jumping into id Software's new post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE. The excitement over RAGE seems to be matched only by its data size. Here's your chance to get an in-depth look at the game and see if it's the ride through the wastes for you.

Mash Tactics airs Monday through Friday at 4pm Pacific. Watch Jon Carnage let loose with off-the-wall humor and discuss the issues of the day in the live chat on Destructoid's channel. Also, there are videogames being played. Join us for your chance to win prizes, talk to industry guests, and witness all of the glorious antics.

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Bill Zoeker
Video Technomancer
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11:30 AM on 11.22.2013
Rage update

RAGE free-to-play and on sale this weekend via Steam

RAGE against the Steam
12:00 PM on 02.08.2013
Rage update

RAGE tool kit for user-created content available today

35+ GB download from Steam
7:00 AM on 12.15.2012
Rage update

'The Scorchers' DLC finally makes it to RAGE next week

Do you still have your copy?
7:00 AM on 06.19.2012
Rage update

'The Scorchers' DLC possibly listed for RAGE

12:45 PM on 11.22.2011
Rage update

Rage demo is now up on Xbox Live, PSN hits Dec. 6

5:30 AM on 10.25.2011
Rage update

Snoop Dogg talks RAGE's wasteland weaponry

8:00 AM on 10.17.2011
Rage update

RAGE PC getting new patch to fix blurry textures

8:00 AM on 10.10.2011
Rage update

RAGE patch available for PC

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