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Let's watch 27 minutes of Divinity: Dragon Commander

9:30 PM on 06.26.2013

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

This game is going to be a time sink

Come for the jetpack-wearing dragon, stay for the combination of real-time strategy with base building, aerial combat, and overarching political role-playing. If it was not already clear before this extended gameplay walkthrough, Divinity: Dragon Commander is very much its own thing.

I hold a tremendous amount of respect for developers willing to show off so much of their games like this pre-release. Especially when there's enough going on that 27 minutes doesn't actually feel like much time at all. I'm unsure if all of the individual components appeal to me, but Dragon Commander continues to have my attention.


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Jordan Devore
Managing Editor follow

2:00 PM on 08.10.2013
Divinity: Dragon Commander update

Review: Divinity: Dragon Commander

Dragon dragon, rock the dragon
7:30 PM on 07.16.2013
Divinity: Dragon Commander update

Dragon Commander testers get uber micro in competition

And yes, the dragons are wearing jetpacks
5:00 PM on 07.15.2013
Divinity: Dragon Commander update

A day in the life of a jetpack-wearing dragon monarch

Scaliness is godliness
9:00 AM on 02.27.2013
Divinity: Dragon Commander update

Divinity: Dragon Commander gets fiery new trailer

Also, a new website
11:01 PM on 06.05.2012
Divinity: Dragon Commander update

E3: Jetpack dragons & skeleton boobs in Dragon Commander

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