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Contest: Win Lost Planet 2 games and swag right now

1:30 AM on 05.16.2010  ·  Niero

We're live!  We apologize for the late broadcast - our streaming server is a little overwhelmed.  In the meantime we're giving away some swag! You can also comment to win:

  • The 100th comment wins stickers and a T-shirt! Winner was Buster!
  • The 200th comments wins a LP2 Salamander! Winner was Robotic!
  • The 300th comment wins a foot and a half Sir Omnonom plushie! Winner was Phatp!
  • The 500th comment wins a LP2 Salamander and T-Shirt! Winner was starsneverpass!
  • The 700th comment wins an autographed Lost Planet 2 poster and Salamander! Winner was MrCookie!
  • The 1000th comment wins a copy of Lost Planet 2! Winner was Gabriel Branchina Oliveira!
  • The 1500th comment wins a foot and a half Sir Omnonom plushie! Winner was Ali D!
  • The 2000th comment wins a copy of Lost Planet 2! Winner was Bumble the Boy Wonder!

Check out the Stream for more opportunities to win! Later tonight we'll have more prizes including:

  • More copies of Lost Planet 2 (whoot!)
  • More Omnonom medium plushies (the foot and a half ones)
  • Lost Planet 2 stickers and T-shirts
  • 15 toy salamanders (about 3 inches)
  • Posters, two of which are autographed by the team

Comment 2200 was Charl3z523 and he won a shirt, mini-figure and print!



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