Konami not so solid: profits fall below half last fiscal year

E3 could help

8:30 AM on 05.08.2014

Konami's FY profits of 6.2 billion yen (about $61 million) comes in at less than half of last year's 13.2 billion yen ($130 million). They moved 10.81 million videogames last year, calling the sales of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Professional Baseball Spirits 2014 "solid," but the total number is still down compared to last year's 13.61 million games.

At least sales and revenues are holding pretty steady over last year. 

Konami plans to announce new titles at E3 this year, which could help them out. I think giving us the full details on everything Metal Gear could be good for them and us.

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Dale North

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