Klei teases Reign of Giants DLC for Don't Starve - destructoid

Klei teases Reign of Giants DLC for Don't Starve

3:45 PM on 01.17.2014

Jordan Devore

Managing Editor

Coming soon

As if we don't already have enough to worry about in Don't Starve, from the obvious starvation and creeping insanity to tree monsters and whatever the hell this thing is, Klei Entertainment is adding to the list of things that go bump in the night. As announced in this teaser video, the game's next DLC is titled Reign of Giants. Welp, that tells me all I needed to know.

I can't for the life of me tell if that beast is supposed to be a werewolf, a badger, a bear, or some unholy combination of all three, but I do know it's not something I want to encounter in the wild.

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Jordan Devore
Managing Editor follow
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Don't Starve

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Paid Don't Starve Together beta access coming Monday

$4.99 for Don't Starve owners, or they can just wait for the free final launch
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Don't Starve: Giant Edition will be a good fit for PlayStation Vita

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Multiplayer is coming to Don't Starve

8:00 AM on 04.03.2014
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Don't Starve's Reign of Giants DLC out on Steam

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8:30 AM on 02.19.2014
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Klei opens up an online toy storefront

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