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Kentucky Route Zero devs release free game

4:45 PM on 02.11.2013

Patrick Hancock


Is this Act 1.5?

Chances are, if you played the first act of Kentucky Route Zero, you're anxiously awaiting the second. Well, Cardboard Computer has released something that isn't quite the second act, but it does take place in the same world and may or may not be important.

Titled Limits & Demonstrations, this free, short adventure into the universe that Kentucky Route Zero established explores the art of the fictional Lula Chamberlain. These are pieces are fittingly bizarre, seemingly made of relics of days gone by. Will Lula tie into the core episodes? Will any of this ever be mentioned? Only time will tell.

It's something to think about while we wait for the second episode of Kentucky Route Zero. It's also a decent introduction to the style of the game for those who have not played it yet.

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One of my favorite games from last year
It's not the long-awaited Act III but it's welcome nonetheless
You're going to want to take the 65 north until you see it...
But I want them soooooner
I would have given all the awards to Kentucky Route Zero, but I guess this is fair too
Now you have no excuse!
Everything's weirder in Kentucky

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