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Journalist and developer team up for GaymerX 2 attendee documentary

11:30 AM on 06.28.2014  ·  Jonathan Holmes

To unite all people within our nation

Former Capcom developer James Morris and Pokemon-inspired beefcake photographer Matt Baume are traveling across the country, interviewing attendees of upcoming GaymerX 2 event. Sadly, I'm not going to GaymerX 2, but James and Matt are planning to interview me anyway, which is nice. I've got a lot to say about the topic, and am flattered that they're taking the time out for me. While this may be the last year of GaymerX, it will always live on in the memories of happy attendees, and is bound to be an influence on future gaming events. 

You can keep with the documentary as it comes together on Matt's Facebook and Twitter


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#gaymer #video
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