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Jon Blow praises the power of the PlayStation 4

7:30 PM on 03.11.2013

Alasdair Duncan


The Witness developer is also impressed by the Share feature

I think many eyebrows were raised when Braid developer Jonathan Blow came on stage at the Sony Press conference last month and announced his upcoming title, The Witness, would be a "timed exclusive" for the PlayStation 4. Speaking to Edge, Blow praised the PS4's hardware, especially compared to the PC. "Rendering stuff through Windows has an impact on performance," he said. "Since a console is just about games, that doesn't happen, and the equivalent game will run faster."

Blow must be impressed with the specs if he's making The Witness an exclusive on the PS4 for a while, at least. He also seems fairly positive on the system's Share button functionality calling it "super-interesting" and commenting that YouTube and livecasting are things that developers are paying attention to. I just really want to get my hands on The Witness and unravel its mysteries, regardless of what platform it's on.

Jonathan Blow on the power of the PS4 and how sharing will change the way we play [Edge] [Image]

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Alasdair Duncan
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GDC: Witnessing Jonathan Blow's The Witness

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