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Join the League of Legends Snowdown Showdown!

11:30 PM on 12.14.2011

Sterling Aiayla Lyons

PC Contributor

[Update: Logins are reenabled now, and all the content is in the store for purchase]

This past Tuesday saw the release of a new patch for League of Legends. It had the usual contents, another character, some new skins, and gameplay changes. Over a day later, players wait in anticipation not just for the game's newest champion to pop up on the store, but also for the winter celebration event -- the "Snowdown Showdown."

Like all limited-time holiday events, there is a new reskin of the Summoner's Rift map, adding snow and other holiday related items to the scenery. In addition to this are themed skins for four characters. First, there's the abominable "Snowmerdinger," followed by "Toy Soldier Gangplank." Then there's the extremely cute "Mistletoe LeBlanc" hanging out by the "Festive Maokai" tree.

There are also a number of holiday runes as well, offering the same bonuses as current runes, but with a neat name and look. Players will be able to check out these items in the shop once the servers go back online and logins are reenabled tonight. You can view the promotional graphic with previews of all this neat stuff on the promo page for the update.

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