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Join the Destructoid Crew in the Rockstar Social Club!

8:00 PM on 05.09.2012


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Rockstar recently unveiled some cool new features for its Social Club, the most notable being the addition of cross-platform "crews" for the purpose of challenging other players in online feuds. We'll see crews play a big part in the multiplayer component of the upcoming Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto V, and other future Rockstar titles. In addition to some awesome social features, crew members also get sweet little logos on their in-game avatars. Check out the video of our logo getting created by the guys over at Rockstar!

Crews come in two flavors: public and private. Private crews can be created by anyone -- in fact, you can go make one right now if you want! -- but they're limited to 250 members. Public crews, on the other hand, are created by Rockstar themselves and have no member cap. Apparently it pays to have friends in high places, because Rockstar was kind enough to create a public crew just for Destructoid!

To join, just head on over to the Social Club to create an account, and then click the little yellow Join button on our crew page. We'll be getting the whole crew together next Tuesday when Max Payne 3 releases and kicking ass all over the bullet-riddled Internet, so join up now!

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