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Join Destructoid at the University of Miami's Launchpad

12:50 AM on 11.20.2009
Join Destructoid at the University of Miami's Launchpad photo

Who wants to play an altered reality RTS about sustainable publishing processes called Destructoid?  I'll be at the University of Miami's Launch Pad event today at 4 PM trying to explain whatever it is I do here.

I'm almost certain that, perhaps with the exception of star pornographers, I've one of the best jobs in the universe in the history of everything, ever.  I'd also like to believe that when I'm not asking my team to bring me calories and golden flasks of caffeine we're working together to create a company that publishes awesome -- a job I'm honestly figuring out as I go, as my resume hasn't exactly prepared me to do this, which is half the fun. I hope to do this until they drag me away.

Who's behind Destructoid? Some dude that didn't even finish college: Instead of taking another math class for the billionth time I really wanted to dick around on the Internet instead. Lucky?  Sure. But you have to create the possibility that luck will knock at your door sometimes by doing things like getting on airplanes and being in places you have no business being in (E3 2006, in my case).

Working on Dtoid is living the dream.  We believe in ten things* -- a list we compiled as a collective that keeps this ship together even in the crappiest of economic times.  It works for us. I live by it. Quitting college at a school that offered no web design classes when Barnes and Nobles had the web books required a leap of faith. I'd like to believe making those calculated risks can make all the difference, even if conventional wisdom (and your infinitely wise parents) think you're out of your mind. Be crazy. Have the nads. Don't wait until you're rotting to think about what could have been had you dared.

Anyhow, I've been given the unique opportunity to tell a graduating class of business students to work at the kind of lives and companies that mean something to people.  I'm a guest speaker at University of Miami's Launchpad's Science and Tech day, which will also includes mobile and game design talks.  I'm also looking forward to listening in on Alienware's Nelson Gonzalez (no relation) and the guys from Dell. My song and dance starts at 4pm, so swing by if you're free.  Look for the guy in the robot helmet.

[*Maybe 11. Ask me in person.  Buddha art by Justin Togail]

Global Entrepreneurship Week at the University of Miami

During Global Entrepreneurship Week November 16 - 22, 2009, millions of people around the world will join a growing movement of innovative thinkers to promote entrepreneurial activities around the world. Administered globally by the Public Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., the mission of Global Entrepreneurship Week is to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity.

In 2008, The Launch Pad at the University of Miami was recognized as Global Entrepreneurship Week’s top national partner out of 1,174 colleges and universities for the quality and quantity of entrepreneurial programming on campus during the week. The Launch Pad hosted 46 events with eight of the University’s eleven schools and colleges. Over 1,000 students, alumni and members of the South Florida community attended events ranging from intimate 30-person programs on how to take an idea and create an enterprise to large 250-person workshops open to the greater community on the importance of networking.

Building upon last year’s success, The Launch Pad is pleased to participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week again this year. To capitalize on the momentum of our year-long programming, The Launch Pad will host several themed days of events focused on specific initiatives – Social Entrepreneurship, Women in Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship in the Arts and Entertainment, and Science and Technology –and introduce interactive programming to include an elevator pitch competition, and an Entrepreneurship Fair (a science fair for entrepreneurs) to showcase emerging businesses and nonprofits.

Elevator Pitch Competition: The Launch Pad continues to provide support to student and alumni enterprises in novel ways. We are excited to announce the Launch Pad Elevator Pitch contest, which will take place during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Limited to existing businesses, it will have student and alumnus categories. This five-day tournament will be held each morning of Global Entrepreneurship Week, and the finale will take place at the awards luncheon on Friday. Because the elevator pitch competition is only open to existing businesses, each round is open to the public and will provide an invaluable experience to both attendees and participants as they sharpen their pitch with guidance from the judges, culminating in an exciting final round.

Kick off Day and Entrepreneurship Fair - Science and Technology Day: Friday, November 20th

1:00-1:40 PM - Intro for Mobile Apps
Moderator: Charles Schultz, Research in Motion
Matt Heitzenroder, Appush
Cary Bakker, Calanoa Software

1:50-2:50 PM - Intro for Gaming Start-ups
Moderator  Marc Mencher, IGDA
Daniel Ruke, Blink - Engaging Media
Derek Smart,  3000AD
Miguel Oubina, Nuclei3D
Oscar Hernandez, Game Recruiter

3:00 – 3:50 PM
David De Cillo, Thirty Nine and

Alan Knitowski, Phunware

4:00 – 4:50 PM
Niero Gonzalez, Destructoid

5:00 – 5:50 PM
Nelson Gonzalez, Alienware
Frank Azor, Dell

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