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Javascript Super Mario Brothers Active Desktop

1:27 AM on 07.02.2006 // Niero Desu

mario3.gifThis ninja figured out how to code World 1-1 of Super Mario Brothers 3 in Javascript, complete with some in-game boundary mechanics and pushable buttons. Here's a demo you can tinker with right now. Wanna download it onto your computer? If you have a dual core with a fatty of RAM and just use your computer to surf the web for porn, you're good. Otherwise I'd say cool and scurry along to a lamer robot wallpaper web site :) A how-to mirror of how is copied below for your convenience, fear of digg, and preservation of coolness that shant be faded, like Dr. Dre. [thx JC!] Javascript Mario This is an unfinished interactive reproduction of the beginning of Level 1-1 from Super Mario 3 designed to be used as a windows active desktop. For an example of how it looks, click here. All the boxes and enemies can be clicked on but unfortunately not all of the animations are completed. Download: FAQ How do I install it? 1. Extract the rar somewhere on your computer 2. Right click on your desktop and go to properties. 3. Click on the desktop tab, then 'browse' 4. Select the mario.htm file in the directory you extracted. How do I reset it after clicking on things? Hit F5 What resolution does it need? It's designed for a 1920x1600 screen however it will automatically rescale the height to fit on any screen. It will NOT resize horizontally, this means if you use it at a lower resolution it'll work just fine, but you will be missing some of the content on the right side. The bottom is cut off, my start menu is multiple lines, etc. How do I fix it? Open the .html file in your favorite text editor and go to line 301. You will see: yoffset = screen.height-300; Increasing the 300 will raise the entire lower section, so for example if you had a second bar of 25 pixels you would change it to: yoffset = screen.height-325; To get windows to reload the html file you will probably need to change your background to a different image, then back to the html. Can I make the color behind my icons transparent? Not that I'm aware of, you can however set it to be the same background color: 1. Go into your display properties -> appearance -> advanced. 2. Select "Desktop" in the item dropdown, click the arrow next to the color box and click on "Other". 3. Enter these values: Red=110, Green=157, Blue=255 Did you make it all? Yes, with the exception of the wallpaper itself. I originally saw an old school video games thread at [M] and liked the mario background and it gave me the idea to do this. Instead of recreating the wallpaper I just used the one from the thread created by PovRayMan. Does this work on a mac? Thanks to Miguel for these instructions: Webdesktop layers a web browser behind your icons and displays it as a desktop: in order to get it to work though, you have to drag the .html on top of the Webdesktop app, otherwise the minute you hit Finder Webdesktop is sent behind your icons and you can't access it. What I did though was I used dockless to keep the Webdesktop icon out of my dock since I won't ever use it, unless to change the current page viewed on Webdesktop. If ever i need to access Webdesktop to drag another web page or url onto it I'll use a Menu Bar app list program like Tiger Launch to be able to access Webdesktop again. Of course if people like to keep Webdesktop on their dock, they don't need any of the other two apps. One thing I modified to it though was I changed your body tag's onLoad from this: onLoad="startup();" to this: onLoad="startup();'hidden';" to hide the scroll bars, since it doesn't completely fit on my monitor and I get the scrollbar thing. Can I move mario? No. You can click on the boxes / enemies / coins only. How did you make the animations? I used an snes emulator with fraps to record video of each character, then using virtualdub I exported the animation to frames. Using photoshop I then cleaned up each frame by hand and added a black border to make it easier to position them wherever I want without worrying about aliasing on the outside. Total time spent working on this is probably in the 12-15 hours range. What about different levels? Originally I was planning on making an underground level as well, then stupidly realized way after I started that Mario 3 had no underground levels. It would be relatively easy to port this to different levels, just make a new background and update the html / javascript. Why HTML/Javascript instead of Flash/Java/Whatever? I wrote this for my laptop which is also my primary work machine and as such I wanted it to use as little system resources as possible. I have very little flash programming experience and was worried about it being a resource hog. Why isn't this finished? I started working on this about a year ago and worked on it on and off for about 6 months, the remaining features are more difficult / time consuming and I'm just too damned lazy to finish it. After over a year of having it has my desktop and getting "Wow! That's cool" responses I'm growing tired of having it on my laptop. Instead of just letting it die I figure I might as well throw it out there for people to use. Feel free to modify it or expand upon it, if you do so email me and I'll put your updates up here with credit. If you are interested in completing it or just working on it more, email me and I'll send you all the original source PSD's and such. Why are there gif files for the bouncing toad and tube flower guy that don't show up? The GIF files are buggy and are commented out in the HTML simply to make it look better. The tube guy's timing is off and both characters have white noise around them. You can enable them rather easily, open the html file and search for /* and tags) Why don't the enemies hit each other? Never got around to it. Comments / legal threats? [email protected]

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