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Jane Jensen's Moebius is arriving April 15

7:30 PM on 02.20.2014

Alasdair Duncan


The first game from the veteran game designer in four years

After 2012's successful Kickstarter campaign, we'll get our hands Jane Jensen's new game, Moebius: Empire Rising on April 15, 2014. It's Jensen's first game since 2010's Gray Matter, so it's been some time coming. Players will control the antiques dealer Malachi Rector (because in what other genre of game would you control an antiques dealer?) as he is tasked by a shadowy government agency to identify a mysterious woman.

The trailer that's been out for the game makes it look like your average adventure game but the strength of the genre is always the story, dialogue, and characters.

I'm keen to play Moebius: Empire Rising as I love adventure games that are detective mysteries, like Gemini Rue, so this is right up my alley. The PC and Mac versions are out on April 15 but the tablet and Linux version will follow later in the year. 

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This adventure game is coming from veteran designer Jane Jensen
His name is Malachi Rector, not the other thing you were thinking

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