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Iwata and Miyamoto star as the Luigi brothers

6:15 PM on 02.19.2013

Fraser Brown

Former Contributor

Now that would be a movie worth watching

I'm ridiculously excited about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, as the lanky member of the Mario Bros. duo will always have a special place in my heart, much more so than his showboating, portly brother.

Miyamoto has the lowdown on this spooktacular 3DS title, and details some of the new mechanics, including a much more robust Poltergust -- the 5000 model, to be exact. It's going to be sucking and blowing all manner of objects, the lucky devils.

I admit to being somewhat more interested in the potential for a Luigi Bros. movie (or better yet, a sitcom) starring Iwata and Miyamoto, however. Will Miyamoto ever manage to fit Iwata into his Poltergust 5000? Will Iwata ever get the ectoplasm off his suit? The possibilities for tomfoolery are endless.    

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This is the Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon developer
Hopefully they'll restock sometime
This one's for little brothers everywhere
brentalfloss does it again
Software selling hardware, imagine that!
Studio producer states that it feels like they're part of Nintendo
Limited time promotion
'He wanted bosses that could only be in Luigi's Mansion'
And it can clean your carpet
Spooky out of ten

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