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Its a big, bad world out there, Link

10:22 PM on 04.01.2007  ·  Faith

A while back Nex brought to our attention the ZREO project which was started in order to recreate all The Legend of Zelda series music with an orchestra sound. This is a great project and Nex did a great job of covering these excellent recreations.

However I felt he missed one of the finer points of these soundtracks which is their CD artwork. The ZREO project decided to create a series of cd covers that featured our favorite Hyrulian hero trekking through the vast landscapes of our world instead of Hyrule.

Each cover features icons from each Zelda series mixed into a real world setting. Check out the gallery below for all the CD cover art. 


Photo Gallery

Tip: You can swipe photos or use your arrow keys


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#Artsy Fartsy #Gallery #Music #The Legend of Zelda
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