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Is this the best month ever for gaming?

4:06 PM on 11.07.2006  ·  RobertSumma

linku.jpg Looking at all the games and systems coming out this month, I began to wonder: Is this the best month in video game history? Besides the four triple-A titles that just landed this week, we also have the Wii and PlayStation 3 launch this month. On top of that, we had Final Fantasy XII land just before the month began with other top games leading into the month as well -- stuff like Bully and Splinter Cell Double Agent. And let's not even talk about the next Zelda finally coming out this month, that would make the month special on its own. So, I ask you hardcore gamer: Is this the most exciting time to be a gamer or what?

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#Debate #PlayStation 2 #PS3 #The Legend of Zelda #Things gamers do #Wii #Xbox 360
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