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6:43 PM on 02.07.2007

Destructoid thanks 142,000 triggerfingers recently ran a poll within their community to vote for their favorite gaming blog. By the will of the Ares, Destructoid had a landslide victory over our beloved Kotaku (and I've also heard AOL also bought and ...

Papa Niero

1:02 AM on 02.07.2007

Become big in Japan: writers wanted

We interrupt your video game Web site for this important Destructoid Network announcement. Our sister site Japanator is currently looking for new intern writers, as we are currently in the process of redesigning and are look...

Papa Niero

1:27 AM on 02.01.2007

Spider-Man 3 game site goes live

Ever get the feeling that you've been neglecting your spidey sense for just too long? Yeah, me neither. But hey, if you're looking for a place to momentarily quench your arachnophilia, today Activision launched the Sp...


3:52 AM on 01.29.2007

Become a Destructoid blogger

The top-secret community blogs feature of Destructoid is currently under a closed beta test because frankly, it sucks ass right now. When we think it's actually worth a damn, we'll let you give it a spin. Until then, ...

Papa Niero

4:42 PM on 01.21.2007

NextLust: Looking for a few good men or women to help the cause

Are you a complete tech junkie? Do you dream about the iPhone or any other gadget that could leave your underwear all sticky? Can you write in a smarmy enough way that would rival me on a good day? Do you want to be a part of...

Robert Summa

1:27 AM on 01.18.2007

Server maintenace complete

Update: The little marine said "job's done" Is anyone still awake? No? Ok, good! We're going to take down the site for a few minutes into the wee hours to add some new hardware to support more simultaneous r...

Papa Niero

3:42 AM on 01.04.2007

PWNED! This feature is currently under maintenance

The page you have just tried to access is currently being worked on. We apologize for your incovenience.  Instead, here are the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby.  Enjoy: Yo VIP ... let's kick it Ice ice baby (vanil...

Papa Niero

2:59 PM on 12.26.2006

Bonus Kun's just off the home page option

If you read Destructoid 10,000 times a day, you probably love our unofficial Bonus Kun "just off the home page" feature at the bottom of the page. If you're more of a drive-by reader, you'll probably want t...

Papa Niero

Destructoid Christmas contest winners! photo
Destructoid Christmas contest winners!
by Papa Niero

So who won the console? You'll know soon enough! We have hundreds possible winners with an average of 10-20 ballots each, so I'm still cutting paper. I tried filming the prep process but it's taking so long that I'm just going to cut straight into the random drawing. The video should be up in the next 1-2 hours or so on Sony/Blizzard time. Special thanks to Fronz who helped me count the November votes!

Update #1: The person with the 500th comment in this post will get a copy of Lost Planet for the Xbox 360.  Ok! We have a winner!

Update #2: The winner of the Ninja Gaiden Sigma bloody anus caption contest is:

Paul Soth: "Attempting to duplicate his success with breast physics in Dead or Alive, Tomonobu Itagaki's experimentations with vagina physics in the latest Ninja Gaiden title ended with horrifying results."

Update #3: Here's who won the PlayStation 3 / Wii Contest !!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, and thanks for reading Destructoid!

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6:05 PM on 12.19.2006

Now you can track our most epic flamewars: Dtoid's top discussions

Today the Elephant man silently introduced a new Web site feature that reports the most discussed articles of the week, month, and all time. You'll find the link on the right of the Top 20 Buzz Monitor where it now reads...

Papa Niero

7:15 PM on 12.18.2006

Ubisoft dude says online gaming sites rule, we agree completely

Finally, an executive that knows what the hell they are talking about! All praise due Ubisoft UK managing director Rob Cooper, for he has prophecized that online gaming sites are the future. Straight from a genius' mouth ...

Robert Summa

3:51 PM on 12.14.2006

Hey business face, send this to yer boss. Dtoid's community wants your budget

For once, gamer girl boners aside, I really just wanted to thank all of our readers, writers, contributors, tipsters, lurkers, forum spammers, and future bloggers for all of the support you've shown Destructoid. Look at t...

Papa Niero

12:49 AM on 12.14.2006

Powerful mojo is coming to Destructoid

In a few minutes we will begin making a few changes to the navigation of the web site. We've consolidated a few menus, spat a little turtle wax here and there, and are in the process of sneaking in a new feature of the si...

Papa Niero

6:42 PM on 12.07.2006

New web site feature: track your comments

Don't you hate it when that 200+ comment article you had spent so much time on gets pushed to the 5th page and becomes impossibly hard to track after a week? Of course you do, it happens on every damn so-called Web 2.0 si...

Papa Niero

3:19 PM on 12.07.2006

Euros can browse porn on their Wii starting Dec. 23

In just a few short weeks, you, yes you will be able to view candid beaver shots like a good lil' boy (or girl) on your Nintendo Wii. Clearly what Nintendo had in mind when they decided to offer Web browsing with their li...

Robert Summa

1:40 PM on 12.02.2006

Rock on robots

Thanks to the kindness of Destructoid, I have joined a team. Me! Part of the gang! Wow! Time to get my robot rock on. Hence the pic. That's me in my backyard. Rocking on. So, just a few tidbits for you Dtoids -- I'm ...

Colette Bennett