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ZOMG Jim moar anti-Sony bias ZOMG

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Thank God for him
Nov 16
Former Destructoid reviews editor Jim Sterling has gone indie, and he needs your help. The dude has worked for over 8 years doing video games reviews here and on sites like Escapist, and now he's trying to build his own site... read

How to play Resident Evil 4 HD on PS3

Sep 26
Resident Evil 4 HD released last week, but I waited until the weekend to download it. Due to various problems I have with Microsoft Points and my silly desire to play Resident Evil games on their "traditional" home, I decided... read

PS3 firmware update 3.66 released to critical acclaim

Jun 23
I once had a glorious dream that Sony's PSN "welcome back" package would allow us to choose between six different firmware updates. That dream, sadly, never came true, but Sony's generosity is still abundant, with update... read

Thor, Destin Legarie and Jim Sterling discuss E3

Jun 04
God damn it, ScrewAttack.  I love you guys. read

Thank CHRIST for that: PSP firmware update 6.39 coming!

May 24
PSP owners may be feeling sad that they've missed out on at least seventeen firmware updates since the PlayStation Network went down, but do not despair! Sony has confirmed that update 6.39 is coming soon, and you're all invi... read

Sony: PlayStation Store to return May 24

May 19
Sony has told publishers to expect the PlayStation Store on May 24. That's according to a memo sent to various companies, which of course found its way to the proles of the Internet.  As previously revealed, Sony plans t... read

Sony CEO challenges critics of PSN breach notification

May 17
Sony CEO Howard Stringer has lashed out at those who criticized the way in which Sony handled the PSN outbreak, specifically the amount of time it took to notify consumers. His defensive statement displays disbelief that anyb... read

PlayStation Store to be updated 'multiple times a week'

May 16
Sony has released a brand new FAQ in order to better inform fans about the big PlayStation Network resurrection. Most of it is stuff we already know, but some fresh information has been released concerning the PlayStation Sto... read

PSN struggling to deal with huge mass of password resets

May 15
Due to the ludicrous volume of PlayStation Network users trying to reset their passwords at once, Sony has had to temporarily cease the big PSN rollout and suspended services for a bit.  "We’re currently experienci... read

The Jimquisition: How Sony can make up for the PSN breach

May 09
A few people asked for a video to sum up the whole PSN outage thing, and I thought I'd take it in a more productive direction that simply getting angry. I've proposed three very reasonable ideas (which Podtoid listeners can already guess) in order to make Sony look good in this whole thing. This is because I'm a very, very good person who is always looking out for the little guy. read

Last weekend, Sony told consumers that the PlayStation Network should be back up and running within a week. As you may have noticed, a week's gone by, and you still can't play Warhawk. Sony has therefore made a new announceme... read feature


Shocker: PS3 Firmware update causing HDD problems

Feb 01
PS3 Firmware 3.56 is reportedly causing HDD problems for a number users. Just like that one time. Oh, and that other time. One day, Sony might release a Firmware update that stops its Firmware updates from being shit.  T... read

Cage: Heavy Rain made games a more meaningful medium

Jan 18
David Cage's arrogance is unparalleled, even in an industry that sports Denis Dyack. Seemingly drunk on the fawning of his own fans, the Quantic Dream director has claimed that Heavy Rain opened doors for more maturity i... read

Killzone 3 has over 70 minutes of cutscenes

Jan 13
The BBFC has rated Killzone 3 for British gamers, and spilled a few beans for us in the process -- revealing that the PS3 sequel will boast over seventy minutes of cutscenes. Looks like you'll be doing plenty of watching as w... read

Sony is terrible at keeping secrets. Killzone 3, Resistance 3, the PS3 Slim, the PSPgo, Sony has no end of cats to let out of its bag, and rare is the time we are ever surprised. The PSP2 looks set to continue this trend, wit... read feature


Microsoft: PlayStation Home is a 'nice chat room'

Dec 06
Making fun of PlayStation Home at this point is like steadily kicking an autistic in the bollocks, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from doing it anyway. Stephen McGill has written the poor man's Second Life off as a "nice c... read

Sony spins the '4.1 million Move shipments' thing

Dec 01
Yesterday, many websites reported that Sony had sold 4.1 million PlayStation Move units. Destructoid and a handful of others reported that Sony had only shipped that many units. A few commenters accused us of BIAS but the egg... read

No Super Meat Boy on PS3, and you can blame Sony

Nov 12
Super Meat Boy will eventually find its way to Xbox 360, Wii and PC, excluding as it will a PS3 release. Now, because you start stamping your feet and shouting "BIAS" while tears start to cloud your vision, make sure you dire... read

PlayStation Home gets voice chat next week (ZOMG!)

Nov 08
According to Sony, "tons of cool stuff" is coming to its Second Life clone/virtual advertising world PlayStation Home. Among the expected features is the return of an old one -- voice chat! This comes on November 11 in Update... read

Enslaved writer got 'f*cking sick' of his PS3

Oct 05
28 Days Later and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West writer Alex Garland has confessed that he only bothered to play Heavenly Sword after meeting its developer, due to his being "f*cking sick" of the PS3. "There weren't any origin... read

Sony holds back Move support in game for PS Plus users

Sep 22
Sony has set a rather grim little precedent for itself, with the revelation that Move Support in High Velocity Bowling is available for "free" only to those who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Apparently spending upwards... read

Survey: Japanese consumers not interested in 3DTV

Jul 02
While Sony is attempting to convince the world that 3D gaming is what it wants, a study from the company's homeland indicates that a lot more convincing might need to be done. According to a poll, most Japanese consumers don'... read

Microsoft says Kinect is for everyone

Jun 23
... And yet it appeals to no-one. Kinect Is For Everyone - Microsoft [Edge] read

Sony talks sh*t about 3DS technology

Jun 20
So, Nintendo murdered everyone at E3, not just with its rather terrifying selection of awesome games, but with its stunning 3DS demonstration. If you haven't seen the thing in action, let me confirm that it's pretty amazing s... read

E3 10: Impressions from the Natal/Kinect reveal event

Jun 14

Sony: Kutaragi was 'right' to release expensive PS3

Jun 11
Ken Kutaragi became an industry laughing stock shortly after the announcement of the $599 PlayStation 3, mostly due to his arrogant and insulting justifications ("work more hours to buy one"). Although Kutaragi left Sony as s... read

Sony bullsh*t: PSPgo was a 'test'

Jun 09
The PSPgo was an ill-advised, expensive, worthless waste of space. This is scientific, objective fact that can be proven in any court of law. But apparently it's alright, because it was just a test. In fact, even though the P... read

Sony won't reimburse retailers for OtherOS PS3 refunds

Apr 16
One enterprising consumer pulled a slick move when he was able to use European law in order to get a partial refund for his PS3 from Amazon. Sony's decision to remove the OtherOS feature on the PlayStation 3 angered some cons... read

Another abandoned failure: Sony gives up on PSP Room

Apr 15
Do you remember PlayStation Room? That social networking service for the PSP that looked like a mash-up between PlayStation Home and Bratz dolls? No? Really, you don't? We hardly blame you. Like so many things in this in... read

Fixing the PSP in six easy steps

Apr 06
The PSP has had a long history, one that hasn't always been entirely pretty. While the system has been quite successful in Japan and sold decently well enough in the West, it's still a machine with a lot of problems, and that... read

Sony: Core gamers 'look down their nose' at Wii

Apr 03
With PlayStation Move gearing up for launch this year, Sony is pushing out the boat to try and make us forget that it's basically copying the Wii. The best way to do that, of course, is the imply that the Wii ruined motion co... read

Dear Sony: Put Tomba! on PSN ... NAOW!

Mar 30
Dear Sony, I have just remembered that Tomba! exists. If you don't remember the game (and we could hardly blame you), it was a sidescrolling adventure starring a troll-like creature with pink hair and a hatred of evil pigs. A... read

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