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Nintendo releasing colored straps in Japan, world wishes they could get in on it

Aug 22
Siliconera is reporting that Nintendo is prepped to release a plethora of colored straps for the Wii remote this September. Unfortunately, the giant publisher has decided that it will only push these straps out in Japan for t... read

Ubisoft CEO finds pleasure in Nintendo peripherals

Aug 18
Ubisoft Montreal’s CEO Yannis Mallet is certainly one of those guys that really likes videogames. In an interview with Gamasutra, Mallet gets wistful when talking about Nintendo’s interface and peripherals, and as... read

Dead Rising controls slightly revealed

Aug 09
It’s great when controls translate perfectly how you picture them. According to MyWii, Capcom has detailed some of the more action-oriented controls in Dead Rising: Chop 'Til you Drop. The most shocking revelation is th... read

Gosen calls out 'gimmicky controllers,' but loves Lips

Aug 07
Yesterday, European Xbox Vice President of Strategy and Marketing David Gosen proudly declared that Microsoft was “investing to win” in Europe, as well stated that physical media was as good as dead. Apparently, G... read

Let your gynecologist practice with a Wii

Aug 03
There’s something inherently scary about a surgeon earning his wings with a Wii remote, but apparently it works. Kotaku recently dug up an interview that Austin Channel 8 News did with a gynecological surgeon named Mark... read

Hey Nintendo, secrecy isn't always such a great thing

Jul 24
I suppose president Satoru Iwata already did his best to apologize to jaded gamers over Nintendo's less than impressive showing at E3, but it appears that he may want to extend those apologies even further. According to seve... read

Wii remote blood pressure monitor patent filed

Jul 22
Ever sit around playing WiiSports and get the sudden inclination to make sure your body is running phenomenally? Apparently the thought has crossed Kent Hsu’s mind a time or two. Today, Spong found Mr. Hsu’s US pa... read

Sex game utilizes the Wii remote

Jul 21
Ever get tired of the “normal” stuff with your partner? Or perhaps, get exceptionally lonely? The guys at the IT University of Copenhagen may have just designed the game of the future. It’s a sex game that u... read

E3 08: More Wii MotionPlus info, but why doesn't the Wiimote already do this?

Jul 15
[video]95412:60[/video]It seemed inevitable that Nintendo would capitalize on their motion technology, considering the rampant success of the Wii itself and the reaction to WiiFit and the balance board. Some gamers complain t... read

Is Darwin going to shift the balance of power away from Nintendo?

Jul 11
At first glance, it would seem as if Motus Games is looking to cash in on the Wii craze with its introduction of the Darwin controller, but as Galagabug highlights in his community blog, nothing could be further from the trut... read

Introducing the Wiibrator, or, how to diddle yourself with a Wiimote

Jul 10
If I find I have, ahem, "needs", I can honestly say that the last thing I consider doing is satisfying them with a Wiimote, but you know, different strokes for different folks. It seems some folks at Bauhaus Univers... read

Samba de Amigo maracas confirmed

Jul 04
Confirmation is pretty easy to get if you have the rumored equipment in your hand, while standing next to a spokesman at an official event. It wasn’t me with the maracas, but Gamekyo’s recent trip to the Samba de ... read

Wiimote allows creativity for the disabled with Digital Wheel Art

Jun 06
I will admit that the Wiimote is not my controller of choice, but seeing it used in new and creative ways does give me the kind of warm fuzzies that only good deeds can. The image you see above was created by means of a progr... read

Hama Reemote controller offers the ebony alternative

Jun 04
Once you go black ... well, you know the rest. For those of you fed up with the Wii's virginal color scheme, now there's something a little edgier coming down the pipeline. Pics of Hama's "Reemote" have been spied o... read

Apple goes the way of the Wiimote: new gaming controller being developed

May 08
I know what you are thinking: but Apple doesn't have a console for the controller to work with. They do have Apple TV, though, and the patent they recently filed reveals that they are doing research on a 3D remote control sys... read

Label yourself a permadork for life: Wii cufflinks

Apr 22
Per the words of our own resident tipster Jonathan Ross, these Wii cufflinks hover somewhere between awesome and ridiculous. Awesome because if you're a raving Wii fan, you can show it off mack daddy style with silver cufflin... read

360 "Wiimote" has a codename: Newton!

Apr 09
A few days ago, our own Dale North gave us the skinny on the Microsoft version of the famed Wiimote, as lazy gamers groaned and liberally applied their palms to their faces. It seems the craze to jump all over the living room... read

First details on Xbox 360's Wiimote-ish motion sensing controller

Apr 07
Motion sensing controllers: Nintendo did it up right, Sony tried to do something like it, and now Microsoft is busy working on their version.  MTV News gives us the first details on Microsoft's answer to the Wii Remote. ... read

Wiiitis backed by MRI, but we still think it's avoidable

Apr 03
Back in June of last year, word about Wiimote aficionados injuring themselves during the course of overly intense bouts of play caught our attention. The affliction was featured on WebMD, and even given one of those official ... read

A Wii tragedy: no lightsaber peripherals?

Jan 11
Proving once again that protecting us from ourselves is a greater cause than fulfilling our geekish needs comes word that Nintendo isn't all that keen on introducing full-sized lightsaber attachments for the Wiimote.MAXCONSOL... read

Nintendo: if your Wii Remote has been bad, give it a spanking

Jan 01
Is your game console in need of some serious discipline? Here's a tip from Nintendo on how to fix a "frozen" Wii Remote.GeekDad got the kids a Wii for Christmas. While playing with their new console, they had a Wii ... read

The Wii Shark Gun

Dec 29
DealExtreme has a new Wiimote cradle called the Pega Shark Gun. It runs for $10.86 and is shaped like one of the greatest creature of the seas. The Shark Gun is basically just like any of the other Wii light gun add-ons (poin... read

Nintendo Wii Light Sword sighted in Canada

Dec 27
It seems that the Wii lightsaber has hit store shelves, at least in Canada (previously, only the UK had seen these bad boys for sale.) Thanks to a covert photographer, Go Nintendo posted a few pics of the sabers this morning ... read

Weekend Destructainment: The Wiimote can do anything!

Dec 22
<a href="" mce_href="">Backlash</a> on &... read

Wiimote dispenses fun, exercise, and candy

Dec 15
Our friends at CandyAddict know that we love candy. So we jump with joy at the rare chance that we get to talk about candy in relations to videogames. Brian recently went to the All Candy Expo and came across a couple of new ... read

Wii Remote hack: make your own digital whiteboard

Dec 10
Perhaps you've seen Johnny Lee's Minority Report-ish Wii Remote hack. Being able to track fingers in mid air is pretty impressive, but his newest Wii Remote hack could actually save someone thousands of dollars.The digital w... read

Oneechanbara R perfects the art of Engrish

Oct 25
Oneechanbara R is going to let you do some really cool interactive moves with your Wiimote, but honestly that's not the reason I wanted to write about this upcoming title. The game itself is a zombie chop fest, which thrills ... read

Soul Calibur Legends footage: can we dress Taki as a cod?

Oct 24
That clip up there is some newly released footage for Namco-Bandai's Soul Calibur Legends, the adventure game offshoot of their very successful weapons-based fighting series. I don't think anyone should ever judge a game be... read

N'Gai Croal proposes a better Wiimote

Oct 03
One of my only major complaints about BioShock was that for a first time FPS player, I would have preferred the sensitivity of playing with a mouse over the right stick on a 360 controller. Since I don't have the SuperCompute... read

TGS 2007: No More Heroes hands-on

Sep 25
On a game console where pixls, toadstools, and bobble headed caricatures rule, it seems like it's becoming more difficult to find some good, clean action and fighting. We did not find that in Marvelous Entertainment's stylist... read

Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the Wii looks good, the flashlight not so much

Sep 21
If you were to go by the above video on its own merits, you might be tempted to squeeze out a few laughs at Nintendo's expense regarding Tomb Raider: Anniversary's port from the PlayStation 2 to the Wii. The good news is tha... read

We've all been missing out: Carnival Games hits best seller lists

Sep 15
Global Star's fairground fun Wii title Carnival Games has been making major showings on sales charts, including coming in at number eight on's Bestsellers (video games) list -- and here we were playing silly titles... read

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