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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading: And the award goes to...

Jan 06
While mucking up Podtoid 37, I really liked the question about the industry maturing. While videogames are definitely more mainstream, with regular articles covering the industry in the New York Times and the Wall Street Jour... read

Weekend Reading: Zombies! Enemy design in games

Sep 23
Zombies aren't an integral part of video games, but dammit, they should be. Sparked by watching Resident Evil: Extinction, I began to think about enemies in video games. Mostly the run of the mill types: zombies, henchmen, so... read

Weekend Reading: Saving your game

Sep 09
Ever since the inclusion of the NES cartridge battery, we've had a way to save our progress, giving ourselves a little break from the constant struggle to beat a game in one sitting. It was a truly life-changing invention, re... read

Weekend Reading: Cutscenes and the effort to tell a story

Aug 26
Most every game that hits the shelves attempts to tell some sort of story. Whether it be a tale of a captured love, who lies in a faraway castle, or one of revenge, striking down those who cursed your family. Some games try t... read

Weekend Reading: Bridget is straight

Aug 19
From time to time, I love to play devil's advocate. Such an opportunity came across recently, and so I wanted to turn it into a full-fledged post. This week, I'm delving into the depths of /bridget/ itself, in an attempt to a... read

Sounds promising, doesn't it? Well, this week, I've sat down with Mark Nebesky, one of the co-founders, and the CMO of Goozex, Inc. For those of you that don't know, Goozex is a game-trading site that's been around since last... read feature

Weekend Reading: What's the deal with PC games?

Jul 29
In the attempts at coming up with a title for this week's column, my mind kept coming back to Seinfeld. I suppose it's because the question kept popping up in my mind after I was trying to kill some time in my local GameStop... read

Weekend Reading: What Sony needs to do to pull ahead

Jul 15
So, this week we've seen a ton of news come out from Sony. Early on, we got the announcement that they'll be cutting the price on the PS3 60GB model by $100, sending the sales of the system shooting up. Next, at E3, w... read

Weekend Reading: Pen and paper versus console RPGs, part 3

Jul 08
Yes, this is The Haloing of this Weekend Reading arc of mine. Finally, the comparison between console RPGs and pen & paper RPGs will come to a close. The two will duel it out in epic combat, mostly fuelled by your comment... read

Weekend Reading: Pen and paper versus console RPGs, part 2

Jul 01
Last week, I talked about the difference in storytelling and feeling between pen and paper RPGs and console RPGs. This week, I'm going to be talking about system mechanics and gameplay for the two.There's something to... read

Weekend Reading: Pen and paper versus console RPGs, part 1

Jun 24
The first part in Leigh's "Building a better RPG" mini-series got me to thinking about storytelling in RPGs. I agreed with some of the points in her article, especially the fact that nowadays, the stories are so... read

Weekend Reading: An interview with a father

Jun 18
For this week's session of Weekend Reading, I went and got a few questions in with Mike, the managing editor of The site has features and game reviews with a focus on the family and issues that imp... read

Weekend Reading: The encroaching mass of casual games

Jun 10
Let every man, woman, and child know of the threat of casual games. They're infecting our schools and our consoles! Children sit in between classes and play Cooking Mama and Phoenix Wright. Pretty soon, our children will ... read

Weekend Reading: A possible solution to region locking games

Jun 03
Japan is the holy land for gamers since not only are most of the companies that create our favorite games are located there, but also because Japan is a treasure trove of games that have never made its way outside of the isla... read

Weekend Reading: Casual games for hardcore gamers

May 27
I just love it when I can pick up and play a game for 10-15 minutes, or however long it may be, and just play. I'm not necessarily talking about something like Guilty Gear or Red Steel or anything -- instead, I'm talk... read

Weekend Reading: What if the PS3's launch was a year later?

May 13
We've all heard people say that Sony should have waited a year to launch the PS3 -- and they're right. The thing is, very few actually go into why this would have been a good move for Sony. At the time, Sony was ... read

UK's Official Nintendo Magazine: Resident Evil Edition

May 10
The UK's latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine has the markings of greatness stamped all over it. Not only is it featuring what's new concerning the Resident Evil 4 port and the Wii's exclusive Umbrella Chron... read

Weekend Reading: eBay or Virtual Console? Meditations on retro games

May 06
I'm one of those people who really despised the idea of digital content for games. In my heart, I'm a collector. If you head down to my basement, you'll see racks of DVDs, several bookcases worth of books, a growi... read

Weekend Reading: Remakes, revamps, and the fabled definitive version

Apr 29
Right, so let's get the confusion over quickly: I'm not DMV, I'm his mid-season replacement. But just like any proper stepfather, I'll only be around long enough to shatter your self-esteem and devalue your ho... read

Weekend Reading: An open letter to Christophe Gans

Apr 22
Dear Christophe Gans,How are you doing? My name is Brad Rice, and I'm one of the writers here at Destructoid. Not only that, I'm also planning to go into the film industry once I'm out of college -- and so I feel ... read

Weekend Reading: Time management and gaming

Apr 15
Work or games? That's the question that's been plaguing me this week since I picked up Super Paper Mario on Tuesday, knowing full well that I have a paper due in a week, several articles for Destructoid and Japan... read

Weekend Reading : What's up with all these Final Fantasy games?

Apr 08
Square Enix's announcement of yet another Final Fantasy game a few weeks ago has the interwebs abuzz, lauding the publisher's ability to both take their franchises in exciting new directions and milk them for all their wort... read

Weekend Reading: Why I'm worried about the Wii [Update]

Apr 01
Many of you discount Summa for what he says about the Wii. You can just call him a Wii hater and assume that he was assaulted by Reggie when he was a young child. Yet after continually playing with my Wii since leaving the illustrious Joystiq, I've come to feel that the Wii is in grave danger.And for all those who are wondering -- yes, Summa was right. No, this is not an April Fool's post. read

Weekend Reading: Arcade oddities

Mar 25
Ocassionally, I walk into the local arcade here in Syracuse, just to check out what they've got in there. From time to time I come across some things that make me do a double take at what I'm seeing. Usually it's ... read

Weekend Reading: Moral choices in gaming

Mar 18
Y'know, sometimes it's just impossible to find a picture that depicts what you're talking about in an article. In an abstract way, I guess this picture fits well. Over Spring break, I had to read My... read

Weekend Reading: How Sony can turn around their awful public image

Mar 03
Since DMV is hittin' the books hard this week, I've been asked to fill in his Weekend Reading shoes and give y'all a nice little feature to ponder as you meet with friends and do whatever it is you people do in y... read

Weekend Reading: Goodnight Gamecube

Feb 25
"My point is that from a first-party perspective, just like Microsoft doesn't put out new original Xbox games, Nintendo is no longer supporting GameCube. Can you confirm that?""Right, that's correct.&qu... read

Weekend Reading: Some more upcoming video game movies

Feb 18
A few of you might remember a while ago that I did an article on some upcoming video game movies. Well, because of its extreme popularity, I've decided to bring it back, but this time, I'm calling in some big guns on ... read

Due the flood of emails we've received with questions about how to participate in this contest, we've decided to simply it.  Ok, here's the deal -- Destructoid scored some cool Ideazon gaming accessories (pic... read feature

Weekend Reading: seven games that should become movies

Feb 04
After reading The Escapist Magazine the other week (Nex loves them too), I thought back to a piece that I did a while ago about some upcoming video game movies. As a student of filmmaking and a gamer to make game movies that ... read

Weekend Reading: Nintendo, step your game up

Jan 21
I was excited as hell for the Wii as it approached launch time. I waited in line for it at launch, and was number 37 at the Best Buy here in Syracuse. I loved it while I had it, up until Winter Break. By that time, my enjoyme... read

Weekend Reading: Life at CES

Jan 14
Before I start this article, I'd like to thank a mystery man named Adrian who was kind enough to return my backpack to the Lost and Found on Thursday at the Convention Center. You saved my ass big time. So, now that CES... read

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