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Can you dig it? 2011 IGF Audience Award voting now open

Jan 31
// Jordan Devore
Perhaps you saw the finalists for the 2011 Independent Games Festival, and your game of choice didn't get the props you feel it deserved. Well, now is your chance to have an impact. Voting is now open for the Audience Award, ...

Demon's Souls swings the way you choose for V Day

Feb 07
// Matthew Razak
How's Demon's Souls treating you? Shoved on a shelf in aggravation, never to be opened again? Or played through so many times the disk has a hole burned through it? If you're in the former group, this Valentine's Day might be...

Ruin a career by choosing the Madden NFL 11 cover athlete

Feb 04
// Samit Sarkar
Last year saw a first for the Madden NFL franchise: two cover athletes sharing the spotlight (Madden NFL 10 featured Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu). This year, EA is breaking the mold again -- they’re letting you c...

Finalists for 2BeeGames' Indie Game Competition revealed

Nov 11
// Jordan Devore
The ten finalists for 2BeeGames' Indie Game Competition have been chosen. Let it be known that this is the second competition -- our strict headline character limit here at Destructoid didn't want to cut me any slack today. T...

Resident Evil 5: AE content: DLC or a new disc? Vote!

Oct 06
// Jordan Devore
Got an account at Capcom-Unity? Good. You can use it to vote on whether the upcoming Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition content should be available as a digital download, or if Capcom should instead opt for an all-new retail ...

Mega Man needs your help!

May 17
// Matthew Razak
Robots are always competing against each other. It's just in the very fabric of their being. In order to aid them in this the Robot Hall of Fame inducts real and fictional robots into their ranks every year and does it throug...

Register to vote through your 360

Aug 25
// Conrad Zimmerman
With the Democratic National Convention gearing up today, we're about to really launch into the presidential election season here in the US. In an effort to reach out to the 18-30 year old demographic, notorious for low regis...

The most important vote you will cast all year (what's an 'Obama?')

Mar 22
// Chad Concelmo
In its year-long quest to figure out the greatest animal in videogames, MTV Multiplayer is now taking votes from readers to determine the “Greatest Aquatic Animal in Videogame History.”Now, I know a ...

Balrog for President: Online poll for US exclusive We Love Golf outfits

Feb 09
// Jonathan Holmes
Say what you will about Capcom USA's track record for, you know, the actual making of video games (I'm looking at you, Final Fight: Streetwise), but you can't deny that they at least listen to their public. Everything from Be...

Here's another chance to voice your opinion and ultimately choose which games get the high honors. This time around, you get to prove your undying love for your favorite Xbox Live Arcade games that were released in 2007.With ...


Voting for the the Independent Games Festival Audience Award has opened

Jan 17
// Jordan Devore
The 2008 Independent Games Festival is set to kick off on February 20, with $50,000 in prizes going out to some truly deserving people who have created an astonishing amount of unbelievably cool games. Best of all, you can pl...

Cast your vote for the best mod of 2006

Dec 16
// Jordan Devore
Never heard of the 2006 Mod of the Year Awards? Well, now is your chance to become a part of them. So far, gamers have nominated 4,000 mods which were just recently narrowed down to the top 100. You have until January 1st to ...

Oh yeah, another online voting vote thingy

Dec 01
// Robert Summa
It seems the Internet is like one big super Democracy lately because we've all been flooded with sites trying to promote themselves with massive votes for certain categories -- most of the time it has to do with hotness, ...

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