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Viral Marketing

Halo 5 photo
Halo 5

343: Spartans were stolen kids sent in to 'clean up the ugly'

Lucky it's not real, eh?
May 15
// Vikki Blake
In the latest instalment of its viral promotional campaign HUNT THE TRUTH, Halo 5: Guardians developer 343 Industries has revealed "dark" information about how the Spartan Program came to be.  A (fake) interview by (fict...
Watch Dogs photo
Watch Dogs

Ubisoft messes with people and causes mayhem for Watch Dogs skit

'It's not my car, but it's open!'
May 19
// Brett Makedonski
Ubisoft is hitting the marketing campaign pretty hard for next week's release of Watch Dogs, and this hidden camera video is the latest product of that. Regular folks looking for a cheap cell phone repair unknowingly hack streetlights, cars, and an ATM in Los Angeles. It's all fun and games until things take a turn and the authorities show up looking for answers.
Sunset Overdrive photo
Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive viral site opens up, plans special events for fans

Insomniac Games teases info about characters and upcoming events
May 05
// Alessandro Fillari
The surprise reveal of Sunset Overdrive at Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference got many people excited, including much of the staff at Destructoid. As a brand-new open-world shooter set in a visually rich and colorful world,...
#4ThePlayers photo

New PlayStation 4 video is all about a pirate tailor

Do they make wooden legs?
Nov 11
// Joshua Derocher
Sony is releasing some weird videos lately. First there was this cab thing, and now we have a pirate tailor from Assassin's Creed IV. I have no idea why this is a thing. When you see pirate clothing, does that make you want to buy a PlayStation 4? If anything, it makes me want to get a nice ruffled shirt.

Viral Marketing photo
Viral Marketing

I am confused by this 'Hadouken Cabs' video

Someone explain what it means
Nov 08
// Conrad Zimmerman
This video is strange. It's a cheesy advert for the PlayStation 4, posing as a cheesy advert for a Street Fighter-themed taxi service. It's pretty well packed with references to the storied franchise and concludes with just ...
Hatsune Miku Project Diva photo
Hatsune Miku Project Diva

Sega takes to Facebook to ask you to support Miku for PS3

Shall social media be her savior?
Mar 07
// Josh Tolentino
If you're at all familiar with the Hatsune Miku phenomenon, you'll know that her Japanese creators and handlers have long been interested in marketing their virtual idol overseas, the better to let foreigners know of her crow...
Watch Dogs photo
Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs has a viral webpage, obviously

Who watches the watchmen?
Feb 23
// Tony Ponce
If you were paying close attention to the latest Watch Dogs trailer, you might have noticed a web address for the game world's Central Operating Network (ctOS). Visiting takes you to a black page with...

This is totally a viral video, not an ad for Nintendo 3DS

Apr 09
// Conrad Zimmerman
Joel McHale, star of Community and The Soup, appears in this video making the rounds today, talking about the nature of viral marketing on the web. Joel clearly knows his stuff, as he hits every major marketable concept in m...

The DTOID Show: Infinity Blade 2 & Dragon Age Multiplayer

Nov 30
// Max Scoville
Hey guys! I'm BACK! And I still sound sort of funny.  On today's very special Destructoid Show, we address the rumors foating around about EA's new stuff, such as Frostbite 2 powered Dragon Age multiplayer, with playable...

Slavery: The Game was a viral for a Dutch documentary

Sep 07
// Maurice Tan
Well, we didn't expect that did we? When you slap an Adults Only rating on a website for a supposed multiplatform game, you know you're being trolled. Funny thing is, most people expected it to be something related to Americ...

Sarif Industries gets 'hacked'

Aug 17
// Daniel Starkey
Square Enix has been going all out in their recent ad campaign for the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Earlier in the summer you could see a lot of these videos on their viral marketing website for the fictional Sarif In...

Win Deus Ex QR mission prizes with help from Destructoid

Jul 01
// Conrad Zimmerman
Early last month, Square Enix launched an iOS application as part of a promotion for Deus Ex: Human Revolution with which gamers can scan QR codes hidden around the net and earn rewards for having found them. Each week, ...

Here's a mysterious Canadian viral campaign to watch

Jun 02
// Conrad Zimmerman
The Canadian Videogame Awards recently aired and, in amongst the hustle and bustle, a web address was shown onscreen leading to a countdown timer. The countdown at ended last night, revealing what appeared to...

Deus Ex: Testimonials from augmentation customers

May 17
// Conrad Zimmerman
Here's a new viral marketing video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution which features the company making mankind better through augmentations, Sarif Industries. This time, instead of just seeing these actors make use of their new ...

Episode 3 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is a Cage-y one

Apr 26
// Conrad Zimmerman
Oh ho! The headlines just write themselves. As you may have surmised, this third installment in Kevin Tancharoen's Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series is focused on action star Johnny Cage. Featuring an opening installment...

Mortal Kombat Legacy episode 2 still slow going

Apr 19
// Conrad Zimmerman
The second episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been released and you can view it right here. It's a continuation of the events which took place in the first episode, with quite a bit of recapping at the outset for what...

Let Sarif Industries make a better you

Apr 13
// Conrad Zimmerman
With Deus Ex: Human Revolution not out until August, it seems that Eidos is looking to get its viral marketing campaign going early. This new advertisement featuring the fictional augmentation corporation which features...

Do you want to win a 3DS? Do you own a car?

Mar 26
// Tara Long
If you're a seasoned veteran of the internet, then you may remember this Mario Kart street art done by a graffiti artist on some Portland bike lanes a few years back. Jumping on the bandwagon this year, so to speak, is Waze, ...

Bad things are happening in America circa 2049

Mar 23
// Conrad Zimmerman
Above is a trailer for a game called America 2049, which has appeared completely out of the blue and is planned for release next month. As you can see, the video has no information on what kind of game it is, but does lay ou...

Do we still like Atlus?

Feb 25
// Josh Tolentino
They need to know, apparently. The cryptic pink image above just arrived in our email inbox, and those of folks subscribed to Atlus' newsletter. I still do, certainly, but what is this about? Could it be related to something they had 'no plans' for?

Homefront viral video thinks Salt Lake City is a blast

Feb 23
// Maurice Tan
This viral video hit our inbox just now, courtesy of a "Voice of Freedom operative" who smuggled this footage of the Greater Korean Republic attack on Salt Lake City, and decided to hide it in a package. It's serious busines...

Fallout Online viral advertising moves to religion

Sep 18
// Matthew Razak
We've seen neither hide nor hair of the actual Fallout Online game save for a few screens that arose from the court battle between Interplay and Bethesda, but we have seen the start of some viral campaigns for the game. And n...

Greater Korean Republic's secret plans in THQ's Homefront

Jul 26
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The Homefront viral continues to pummel the Destructoid HQ mailbox. This time, we were given a look at Korea's plans to poison the Mississippi River with radioactive materials. Oh noes! The cool thing about all this was that ...

Dead Rising 2 viral site appears

Jul 08
// Hollie Bennett
Today a mysterious Dead Rising 2-themed blog appeared on the Internet under the customizing-weapon-themed name of Tape it or Die. The blog fronts itself as being written and maintained by four mysterious characters from th...

Fallout Online starts the viral marketing

Jul 04
// Matthew Razak
With the legal troubles behind them it seems that Interplay is back in action and actually working on Fallout Online, or they're just sending out teasers  and launching that website with beta sign ups during E3 to get...

Dtoid HQ receives a Mafia II branded briefcase

Jun 27
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Destructoid HQ gets plenty of weird, cool and sometimes stupid pieces of swag to promote whatever game that needs promoting. The latest package to be thrown at our door (Goddamn FedEx guy ... ) came from 2K Games and this is...

Who are the Hidden People?

Jun 23
// Jim Sterling
Destructoid has been alerted to a fascinating new website that has captured paranormal activity on video and shared it with the masses. To all the skeptics and doubters out there, this site is proof positive that strange thi...

Dtoid HQ receives a cute & possibly viral Pokemon letter

Jun 11
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Destructoid received a letter from someone yesterday that is either a real letter from a little kid or some viral marketing ploy. The letter is addressed to the Pokemon Institute and includes some custom created Pokemon cards...

Second 'PS4' Sony viral video shows logo, facepalm

Jun 09
// Dale North
Update:  Everyone calm down and carry on: Sony has confirmed that it's fake. A few days ago we pointed you to a Japanese viral video that teases at the PS4 and shows off some 3D, side effects. Now it seems ...

THQ sends us creepy Homefront viral

Jun 08
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
It's the year 2027 and the nuclear powered Korean People's Army have taken over the United States of America. Yes, America is Korea's bitch in THQ's Homefront, but the occupiers are at least thoughtful. They've released a pam...

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