Dead Rising 3 designed to appeal to Call of Duty fans
8:38 AM on 06.12.2013

MS says gamers will buy everything, including Xbox One
What was it Skywalker said about confidence?
9:30 AM on 05.28.2013

Microsoft: Xbox One reports 'inaccurate and incomplete'
Vague Microsoft doesn't know why we misunderstand its vague statements
9:00 AM on 05.25.2013

Biden: No legal reason why 'violent' games can't be taxed
Vice President tells Reverend Asshole that'd be just fine
8:00 AM on 05.14.2013

Star Trek on PC is broken as f*ck!
The sole reason the game exists ... doesn't work
9:00 AM on 04.21.2013

Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs all failed Square Enix
Company's biggest recent releases proved unable to meet targets
12:15 PM on 03.26.2013

Sandy Hook shooter allegedly trying to beat a high score
The only game hurting society is the blame game
2:30 PM on 03.18.2013

EA censors its own support number on its forums
If nobody calls, it must mean nobody has any complaints!
1:00 PM on 03.16.2013

Teen shoots parents with pistol, blames violent games
This is what killers have learned to do now
9:00 AM on 03.14.2013

Zynga: Copying games is no big deal, don't worry about it
Who has time to be creative when you are providing a "service"?
6:00 AM on 03.12.2013

Donkey Kong also got ripped off for an iOS game
Apple's Seal of Quality
7:30 PM on 03.04.2013

EA plans a future of micro-transactions (Update)
Customers apparently 'embracing' EA's shakedown
8:00 AM on 02.27.2013

Square Enix confirms new Final Fantasy game for PS4
Says nothing else
6:43 PM on 02.20.2013

This ass is selling 40+ copies of Hyrule Historia LE
Wow, what a douche nozzle
6:00 AM on 02.16.2013

CNN host tries and fails to link videogames to violence
Erin Burnett wants psychologist to say things he doesn't believe
12:00 PM on 02.01.2013

US senator definitively claims games are worse than guns
Idiot moron says something idiotically moronic
5:30 PM on 01.30.2013


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