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6:41 PM on 04.18.2008

Midway Gamers' Day: Unreal Tournament III finally coming to Xbox 360

Having found a home on the both the PC and PlayStation 3 late last year, we’ve been hearing promises of Unreal Tournament III coming to the Xbox 360 for quite some time now. Yesterday, Midway and Epic announced that t...

Nick Chester

2:01 PM on 04.11.2008

Is there a valid reason for the absence of mods for UT3 on the Xbox 360?

If you have been holding your breath, waiting for news from Microsoft that mods for the upcoming  Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III were still a possibility --- well, you might want to start breathing again, lest...


6:55 PM on 04.05.2008

Unreal Tournament III for the Xbox 360 isn't ready yet, but doing well

We're still trying to get over the shock of the PS3 actually getting the game first, but it would seem that the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III is chugging along nicely for that rumored May release date. Mark Rein r...


3:35 PM on 03.27.2008

With three new maps, Unreal Tournament III just keeps getting better and better

Apparently somebody pulled one Hell of an April Fool's prank on those guys at Epic, and convinced them that Christmas has been moved to that latter part of March. How else can we explain the love that's been raining down on u...


7:44 PM on 03.23.2008

Master Chief looks sick on the PS3 with Unreal III user mod

Confession time -- I've only installed one user created mod designed to work with the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament III. Prior to its release, I was positive that the capability would yield some really interestin...

Nick Chester

11:50 AM on 01.18.2008

Numbers lie? Unreal Tournament III not a flop on PC, says Mark Rein

NPD numbers are a funny thing. We look to them to prove, without a reasonable doubt, that a particular game is or isn't selling well. They are but a snapshot in time, and we all know numbers can be manipulated to deceive -- b...


11:11 PM on 01.03.2008

Cookable PS3 Unreal III mods on the horizon, Mama thrilled

Epic's Mark Rein has confirmed that an update to the Unreal Engine 3 editor is in the works, one that will allow mod-makers to "cook" mods into the format required by the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III. &...

Nick Chester

7:38 PM on 12.20.2007

Open the flood gates: First user-created content for Unreal Tournament 3 PS3

Only two weeks after the game's release, the first user-created content for Unreal Tournament 3 for the PlayStation 3 has hit the Internet. By way of FileFront, users can now download the map, "DM-Shrine," created b...

Nick Chester

9:42 AM on 11.26.2007

Midway confirms December 10 ship date for PS3 Unreal Tournament 3

PlayStation 3 owners, here's your chance to spit in the direction of Xbox 360 gamers -- Midway has confirmed that Unreal Tournament 3 for the PlayStation 3 will be shipping to retailers on December 10. This had been prev...

Nick Chester

3:18 PM on 11.21.2007

PS3 version of Unreal Tournament III coming out December 10th

It looks like keeping our fingers crossed actually worked! Straight from Mark Rein himself, Unreal Tournament III will indeed be coming out during the week of December 10th:Midway has started talking to retailers to figure ou...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

10:09 AM on 11.13.2007

Mark Rein: No plans for another Unreal game

Do you remember the days back before all of the Tournament action? If you do, you'll remember that the original Unreal was the game we used to show off the power of our PC rigs. It also raised the bar for 3D games, and was a ...

Dale North

10:42 AM on 11.09.2007

UT3 looks better than Gears (with extra bonus PS3 love)

To say that Epic's Mark Rein may be proud of Unreal Tournament 3 is something of an understatement. Just watch our exclusive chat with the man to find that out. Lately, he's been bigging up the graphical power of the game, cl...

Jim Sterling

4:54 PM on 11.08.2007

Destructoid interview: Mark Rein edition

While attending the Unreal Tournament III launch event in San Francisco, Destructoid talked to Epic Games VP Mark Rein about the upcoming PC and PS3 releases of the title. We made sure to get the full details on the launch da...

Daniel Husky Lingen

9:47 AM on 11.03.2007

The Unreal Tournament 3 launch party in which Unreal Tournament 3 is launched

It's hard to believe, but the release of Unreal Tournament 3 is nearly upon us. The game whose engine has powered countless next-generation titles will finally be seeing a PC release on November 19. Epic and Midway threw a ...

Nick Chester

8:21 PM on 10.26.2007

Unreal Tournament 3 plot teaser ... Unreal Tournament 3 has a plot?

Recently we've had a string of strikingly original FPS games. BioShock introduced a whole generation of gamers to Objectivist theory, and Portal taught even the most jaded of us that finding true love is a close as the near...

Earnest Cavalli

12:00 PM on 10.15.2007

Calm down: Unreal Tournament 3 is still coming to the Xbox 360

We noticed a rumor making the rounds this morning regarding Unreal Tournament 3 not coming to the Xbox 360, and we thought to ourselves, "Say what now?" Having just spent time at Epic Games earlier in the week, it s...

Nick Chester