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1:20 PM on 12.13.2010

UK Charts: Black Ops, duuuuh!

Were you expecting anything else? Call of Duty: Black Ops sits comfortable atop the UK Charts yet again, followed by its eternal shadow-sweeper, FIFA 2011. With those two stalwarts in their respective places, third place is a...

Jim Sterling

4:20 PM on 12.06.2010

UK Charts: Black Ops retakes the gold

Unsurprisingly, Gran Turismo 5's time at the top was a brief respite from Call of Duty: Black Ops, as Activision's latest shooter installment reclaims the number one chart position. Sony's racing simulator has now dropped to ...

Jim Sterling

10:40 AM on 11.29.2010

UK Charts: Gran Turismo 5 crashes into first

PS3 exclusives often find it very difficult to take the top slot, so there's reason to celebrate in the Sony camp today. Long-awaited racer Gran Turismo 5 has easily seized first place in the UK Chart. Looks like that century of development paid off.  There isn't really much else of note this week, so just read below for the usual chart listings.

Jim Sterling

11:00 AM on 11.22.2010

UK Charts: Black Ops on top ... as if it wouldn't be

You all know the drill by now. A new Call of Duty is released, and promptly sits on top of the UK chart for six months as I struggle each week to come up with a new headline. Considering how crap this week's headline is, it's...

Jim Sterling

10:40 AM on 11.15.2010

UK Charts: Black Ops sales refuse to lag

Call of Duty: Black Ops released last week and, as you might expect, they now defiantly stand at the top of the UK Charts. At least that's one way in which the game doesn't lag. Kinect Sports also appears to have done quite w...

Jim Sterling

11:40 AM on 11.08.2010

UK Charts: Football, football, football, FOOTBALL!

Fable III enjoyed a single week at the top of the chart before the inevitable happened. Lionhead's "amazing" role playing game has been shunted into third place by a pair of football games, with Football Manager 2011 taking f...

Jim Sterling

11:00 AM on 09.27.2010

UK Charts: Race cars are better than Halo

After only one week atop the UK Chart, Halo: Reach has been shunted into second place by F1 2010, proving that Britain's love for sport of any description displaces what Microsoft has erroneously called the "biggest" shooter ...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 09.20.2010

UK Charts: Halo: Reach edges out Sports Champions

Unsurprisingly, Halo: Reach has ascended to the top of the charts, followed closely by PlayStation Move "launch" title Sports Champions. Mafia II has been knocked down to third place after enjoying quite a nice little run at ...

Jim Sterling

10:20 AM on 09.13.2010

UK Charts: Mafia II refuses to die

Mafia II is enjoying its third week at the top of the UK Charts, which is somewhat surprising given the fact that so many gamers felt tepid towards it. Still, if these charts are good for one thing, it's reminding the gaming ...

Jim Sterling

9:20 AM on 09.07.2010

UK Charts: Mafia II is riding high

Mafia II is sitting atop the UK Charts like the beast of Bald Mountain, looking down on its thralls and pretenders with lofty contempt. This is the second week in a row that 2K's crime-em-up has been top dog, putting Kane &am...

Jim Sterling

9:20 AM on 08.23.2010

UK Charts: Kane & Lynch 2 is top dog

There truly is no accounting for taste.  Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days sits atop the UK Chart this week, debuting in the top position. Cue mass hysteria over a spreading pandemic as parents don't realize why their childre...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 08.16.2010

UK Charts: Toy Story 3 again

This week's UK Chart listing is the most boring one ever. Almost nothing of interest happened, with Toy Story 3 back on top, Red Dead Redemption still hanging around, and most of Ubisoft's dancing crap polluting the world. Bo...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 08.09.2010

UK Charts: Modern Warfare 2 gets massive spike

Toy Story 3 is back on top, having shunted Starcraft 2 down several pegs. However, it's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that is winning attention, since it manages to jump from eighth place to second in just one week. The cont...

Jim Sterling

9:40 AM on 08.02.2010

UK Charts: StarCraft II, obviously

It will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is soaring atop the chart this week, demolishing the competition and leaving bloody carcasses of spoiled hopes in its hype-drenched wake. Sta...

Jim Sterling

10:00 AM on 07.26.2010

UK Charts: Toy Story 3 is good lucky number one fortune

Crackdown 2 has seen a steep decline this week, enjoying a sheer drop from number one to number ten, pushing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 out of the top ten where it usually resides. While MW2 has been put into the eleventh...

Jim Sterling

11:20 AM on 07.19.2010

UK Charts: Crackdown 2 still beating the odds

Between Crackdown 2 and APB, I'd say I'm not welcome in Dundee. Not that it matters for at least one of those games, since Crackdown 2 is still kicking ass in the sales department. Who needs to be good when you can sell to th...

Jim Sterling