Record breaking competitive Dota 2 match lasts over 3 hours
The last Hobbit movie was shorter (and less entertaining)
2:00 PM on 03.22.2015

The Dota 2 Asian Championships now has the second highest prize pool in eSports history
Main event is underway now
12:15 PM on 02.06.2015

Apex fighting game tournament changes venues over safety concerns (Update)
Hotel ballroom collapses, forces location change
12:00 PM on 01.30.2015

Tiiiimberrrr! Falling trees will be the death of you in Smash Bros.
That's a new one
5:30 PM on 12.22.2014

World's first Street Fighter V match premieres at Capcom Cup
Mike Ross and Combofiend throw down in SFV
11:30 PM on 12.13.2014

Official Nintendo Super Smash Bros. tournament begins on October 4
64 entrants at each of 16 locations around the United States
10:30 AM on 09.25.2014

The final four duke it out today at Red Bull Battlegrounds
I hope you like Terran
10:00 AM on 09.21.2014

The Red Bull Battlegrounds StarCraft II grand finals are live!
Some of the biggest names in SC2 are competing
10:30 AM on 09.20.2014

This is it: Watch Dota 2's The International grand finals live
Winner takes home over $5 million
12:00 PM on 07.21.2014

The biggest esports tournament in history continues
Dota 2's International tournament enters day 3
1:15 PM on 07.20.2014

Day 2 of The International is live, let's talk about it!
Biggest Dota 2 tournament will crush hopes and dreams today
12:00 PM on 07.19.2014

ESPN3 will carry Dota 2's The International
Wow, good for Valve
2:45 PM on 07.17.2014

Dota 2 International: There can be only one (but right now there's eight)
9:00 PM on 07.15.2014

Going to Comic-Con? Nintendo's doing a 3DS Smash Bros. tourney
You can stream it if not in attendance
2:15 PM on 07.10.2014

The Dota 2 International 2014 wildcard round is underway
Two wildcard matches and solo championship today
1:00 PM on 07.08.2014

When's Marvel? Just consult the EVO 2014 schedule
I'm out of fighting game memes
9:30 AM on 07.08.2014


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