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Too Human


Too Human is not dead yet: Release date and demo plans still hanging in there

Aug 18
// Jim Sterling
When it's not too busy filing lawsuits, Silicon Knights sometimes makes games. One such game is Too Human, a title that has seen its development marred by bad first impressions, whining, controversy and legal antics. Although...

Too Human is 'still on track' for 2008, says Microsoft

Aug 10
// Joseph Leray
Anybody in the Joseph "Orcist" Leray Fanclub (hi, Mom!) knows that I want Too Human to succeed. I need Silicon Knights to deliver. I yearn to have the hot geekery that is Norse mythology to fill the cavity of my bei...

Too Human dev sues Gears of War dev; the only winning move is to not play

Jul 21
// Earnest Cavalli
Silicon Knights -- the Canadian game developer as famous for not releasing Too Human as it is for the six previous games it released in the last fifteen years -- has decided to sue Epic Games for alleged breach of contract in...

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