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Tony Hawk

Screw beer pong photo
Screw beer pong, hand me that controller
Gamers are a diverse breed. From PC aficionados and console fanatics, to retro devotees and casual admirers, there is no one-size-fits-all model of videogame hobbyist. Though we possess many differences, like game preferences... read feature

Sick Tony Hawk 3 speedrun photo
Sick Tony Hawk 3 speedrun

New speedrun bests Tony Hawk 3 in under four minutes

3:55 of classic Tony Hawk goodness
Jan 31
I thought I was a Tony Hawk pro after beating every game in the series last year, but I got nothin' on this guy, who beats Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 in three minutes and 55 seconds! The way he does it is by completing multipl... read
Tony Hawk DLC photo
Tony Hawk DLC

Impressions: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC

Canada, Airport, and LA
Dec 07
The Tony Hawk series has had a bumpy ride lately. Although I noted my small affinity towards Shred in my Quest to beat every Tony Hawk game ever this year, it was too little too late: Activision had lost most of its market an... read

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD title update allows reverts

On every level!
Nov 27
Well, folks, I'm continuing on my journey to be one of the only people in the gaming industry to cover Tony Hawk HD -- I hope you're enjoying the ride! In recent news, it seems as if Robomodo has patched the 360 version of th... read

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC delayed until December

Does anyone care anymore?
Nov 02
I feel like I'm the only person in the entire game blogosphere that cares about the upcoming Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD DLC. There hasn't really been any coverage so far on it, and after literally months of pestering Robomodo ... read

Tony Hawk HD now available on PlayStation Network

PC release expected October 2012
Sep 04
The Xbox 360 version of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD released roughly two months ago as part of the Summer of Arcade promotion and everybody else who wanted a crack at it on another platform has been waiting since. Today, tha... read

Have some extra Tony Hawk HD DLC videos

Aug 27
You'd think that after my Tony Hawk Quest that I'd be sick of The Birdman and his games by now. Nope! I'm still waiting on the release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD's DLC, which is reportedly a few weeks away from rel... read
100% Tony Hawk photo
100% Tony Hawk

100% Series Retrospective: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Carter's Quest
Aug 20
[Read on for a description of every main series Tony Hawk game ever released in the US, and my completion of them all in 2012.] So far, I've had two "Carter's Quests," so I figured I would explain myself a bit in regards to m... read

Robomodo says that Tony Hawk HD 2 is a possibility

Jul 31
If you've ever seen Indie Game: The Movie, you'll have some idea of how it feels to fully develop a game, release it, then pray that it sells. It looks like Robomodo's prayers were answered to the tune of 120,... read

Tony Hawk HD hits the over 100k mark in its first week

Jul 28
Only in its first week of sales up to this point, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD has already sold a total of 120,000 downloads. Apparently, its day-to-day sales have also managed to stay consistent since last Wednesday. It's worth... read

Friday Night Fights: Tony Hawk can't catch a break

Jul 20
Tuesday marked the release of the first Tony Hawk game since the critically panned Shred. (Shred itself being the followup to the equally panned Ride.) While I've never been a huge fan of the skateboarding genre myself, I do ... read

The DTOID Show: Tony Hawk, Sleeping Dogs & Metro's Spider

Jul 18
The big news today is the newly announced voice cast for Sleeping Dogs, which includes Lucy Liu, Tim Wilkinson, Robin Shou, and oddly enough, Emma Stone. A video walkthrough of the E3 demo of Metro: Last Light is now online,... read

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is making its way to PC

Jul 12
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD may be making its debut next week during Microsoft's Summer of Arcade, but there's good news for those of you looking to nostalgically grind on your PCs. Activision has confirmed that the HD collec... read

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 were the bomb. Hard to believe the former only came out in 1999. Unfortunately, the series quickly spiraled away from being the bomb and, in more recent years, toward being ... read feature


E3: Watch me embarrass myself at Tony Hawk HD

Jun 10
You want to see something really depressing and sad? Here's a video we shot on the E3 show floor where I played Tony Hawk HD at the Summer of Arcade portion of Microsoft's booth. Okay, that word, "played," is beyond gen... read

First Tony Hawk HD DLC will be Pro Skater 3 stages

May 16
I'm pretty pumped for the upcoming release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. Today, Activision has given me even more to look forward to by confirming that the first round of downloadable content for the game will include stages ... read

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk was hanging out in San Francisco this week for the Game Developers Conference showing off Tony Hawk HD. Our tall freak of nature Max Scoville got a chance to talk with the man hims... read feature


The original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater holds a special place in my gaming heart, as it does in Conrad's. I was fresh out of high school without a lot of money, and the addictive nature of trying to complete the perfect run elimi... read feature


New batch of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD screens

Jan 19
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater recalls a very specific time in my life, a period of freedom and uncertainty as I was just entering the world. I was in my first apartment in a crappy part of town, working a full-time job, a part-... read

The DTOID Show: Watch us recap the VGAs!

Dec 12
Happy Monday, Destructoid! In the event that you were too busy huffing ether to pay attention to the Spike TV VGA's this weekend, Max and I have managed to condense the only important parts (i.e., the trailers) into a simple... read

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD new details, $15 price

Dec 12
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD was revealed at this weekend's Spike VGA show. Tony Hawk himself said that this game combines the best parts of the first two THPS titles and bumps them up to HD. Today, Activision sends along more de... read

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD takes from first two games

Dec 10
That's so funny. Just the other day I was saying that Tony Hawk was best with the first two titles. The teased Tony Hawk game was revealed in a red carpet segment during the Spike VGA preshow. It is called Tony Hawk Pro Skat... read

Tony Hawk's new game announced at Spike VGAs?

Dec 07
I'm betting a new Tony Hawk game will be announced at Saturday's Spike Video Game Awards show. The skateboarder dropped a hint on his Twitter feed: I'll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat; the same da... read

Tony Hawk Freerunning for people without skateboards

Oct 26
Imagine a world where people had to get around using only their feet, a world where conventional modes of transportation like skateboards didn't exist. This Tony Hawk Freerunning video gives us a glimpse into what that dark ... read

A new Tony Hawk game to hit next year?

Apr 12
Nelson Abalos over at Pixelated Geek had a chance to interview Tony Hawk, at LEGOLAND of all places, and the skateboard legend mentioned that he's working on a new game "probably for next year." News that will be received by ... read

Activision: Tony Hawk still relevant, like Michael Jordan

Dec 08
Despite the fact that Tony Hawk Shred had an absolutely pitiful sales performance, evil publisher Activision is still standing behind the increasingly obsolete skater. He is a skater, right? It's so easy to forget. Who are we... read

EA CEO: Skateboarding game rage has 'run its course'

Dec 03
Tony Hawk and Shaun White frown as Electronic Arts' John Riccitiello talks. The CEO has told Kotaku that he feels the skateboarding game phenomenon may have "run its course as the representative example" in the broader "actio... read

Tony Hawk: Shred sells a dismal 3,000 copies at launch

Nov 17
Proof that even Activision can milk a franchise too much has come with news that Tony Hawk: Shred sold an utterly pathetic 3,000 copies during its first week in the United States. Earnings itself the dubious honor of October'... read

Tony Hawk: SHRED out October 26

Oct 01
Activision has announced that Tony Hawk: SHRED for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii will be out October 26. The game, which uses the board peripheral released with last year's Tony Hawk: RIDE, will feature both skateboarding ... read

Here are our first screens for Tony Hawk: Shred

Aug 08
Finally, we get a look at what Tony Hawk: Shred is going to loo like. With Ubisoft's snowboarding franchise head, Shaun White, heading into skateboarding it only makes sense that Activision's skateboarding king, Tony Hawk, wo... read

Snowboarding/skateboarding confirmed for Tony Hawk: SHRED

Aug 05
The rumors we heard were true -- the next Tony Hawk title, Tony Hawk: SHRED, will feature both skateboarding and snowboarding, a first for the series. The confirmation comes from today's financial call, where the publisher ta... read

Finding a use for the Tony Hawk: Ride board

Jun 13
Tony Hawk: Ride and its board controller were just a bad ideas. Seriously, is anyone out there still attempting to play it? I can't imagine that even the most die-hard of fans are still falling all over their living rooms pr... read

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