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Live show: Chill Bros play Guitar Hero pro gamer Ecstacy

Feb 01
Want to see how a Guinness World record holder plays Guitar Hero?  Tune in! Put your Guitar Hero thrashing skills to the test against one of the world champions, Annie "Ecstacy" Leung. She joins us today on Jus... read

Mindjack contest winners and gallery

Jan 29
Last week we held a contest where readers altered photos of Mindjack for a chance to win the game.  After careful deliberation and kicking in various groins, our panel of editors picked out g4torturedsoul's animated Donk... read

Destructoid Live is done, how'd we do?

Jan 24
Update: And that's a wrap!  We hope you enjoyed our first ever YouTube live stream of the Destructoid show! Max and I talked about some of 2011's most anticipated games like Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, Portal 2, Duke Nuk... read

Destructoid's MAGFest 9 Iron Chef team

Jan 05
Destructoid, I present to you your MAGFest 9 Gamer Iron Chef team. Changston: Master of slicing, dicing and wearing sunglasses inside. Founder of Destructoid's Iron Chef Kickass Superteam (D.I.C.K.S.) 2011. Evil Cheese: Hands... read

This Solid Snake GameBoy Color graffiti is sick

Jul 21
I'm not normally a fan of even "artistic" graffiti, but I have to confess that this random discovery of Solid Snake's GameBoy Color sprite plastered to a wall is pretty damn fabulous. You might have caught this image on the I... read

Z.H.P. trailer might be greatest trailer in the universe

Jul 16
Just...just watch the trailer above. It's for the latest game from the team behind Disgaea: Z.H.P. ~Unlosing Ranger VS DarkDeath Evilman~. Damn skippy. See that? SEE THAT? That's the effing title of the game. It's stunning, ... read

BloodRayne: The Shroud coming to 3DS!

Jun 21
This is one of those stories that got buried under the slew of news that tumbled from E3, but I am nevertheless kicking myself for not hearing about it sooner. As a huge fan of BloodRayne, it gives me great pleasure to declar... read

E3 10: E3 is over, thanks for joining us, more to come

Jun 18
Well, it's done. E3 has come and gone another year, and what a year it was. Some crazy ass stuff went on at E3 this year, and while we'll be bringing you content for days to come thanks to it, it is time to move on and look f... read

It's no surprise that Bungie has wanted to branch off and away from the Halo universe. Despite its strong support of the franchise, red flags were raised from the studio gained independence from Microsoft in 2007. Rumblings t... read feature


Capcom Europe are a bunch of amazing people who feel exactly the same way I do about videogame communities. So they opened up a mystical cupboard in their offices and threw a bunch of goodies at me to give away here on Des... read feature


Dtoid PAX East community plans for Saturday

Mar 27
Friday PAX East was pretty amazing. I had an epic pie eating rematch with P.B. Winterbottom folks (video to come), the Frag Dolls party was amazing, The Protomen rocked the concert and we all a blast over at Uno. Today will b... read

If you're a hardcore Final Fantasy XIII fan, prone to emotional outburts and so defensive of Square Enix's latest effort that you'll get upset by harsh criticism, then you're advised to not read this review. If you don't want... read feature


Even more people downloaded the Bad Company 2 demo

Feb 19
Following an earlier report on the massive success of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo, DICE is back with some fresh new stats. The number of downloads has been upgraded from 2 million to about 3.5 million. Insanity, I tel... read

No More Heroes 2 vids bring the butts, blood, and tigers

Dec 08
You are not ready for No More Heroes 2. I don't care who you are. I don't care what you've seen before, or what you think you know; this game will pull the rug out from under you and then spank your ass with it. Hard. It loo... read

What is Destructoid? It's this thing! We publish it. We love our readers. We have unleashed a string of contests so awesome that babies and whales are reportedly melting. But first, a matter of business. I'd like to remind ev... read feature


New releases: Dragon Age, Lego Rock Band, Rabbids & more

Nov 02
This week's major release is Dragon Age: Origins for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It's the latest and greatest from Bioware and takes gamers to the past rather than the future. Oh, and it's going to let Brad Nicholson... read

dTunes editor's week, day 9: Joseph Leray

Oct 29
[dTunes is a community-organized blog showcasing the musical tastes of Destructoid's users. For two weeks, the editorial team is commandeering the series because, hey, we like music too. To further expand your horizons, make... read

The biggest UT 2004 explosion you'll see today

Oct 09
Disclaimer: this isn't nearly as good as the Crysis "Raining Men" video, or most of the other "spawn a bunch of objects, it'll be funny" CryEngine 2 videos, for that matter. However, it is certainly worth ... read

This shirt is TOTALLY not Left 4 Dead related

Oct 06
Looking at the header image, you might think this shirt has something to do with a certain extremely popular Valve game. Let's be clear -- the girl in this ad is obviously not Zoey, and this medkit does not resemble any medki... read

Super Street Fighter IV screenshots appear!

Sep 28
In an effort to write as many stories about Super Street Fighter IV before it's officially announced, here's another one -- French Web site JV247 has some images now! (Yes, that's their watermark on that image up there.)The s... read

EA teases bringing back SSX

Sep 17
During my time here, there has always been one game that seems to be met with universal praise whenever it gets mentioned, and it's a game you might not immediately think of: SSX Tricky. When the conversation turns to that of... read

Inafune wonders: Could Capcom and Bungie one day team up?

Sep 14
Keiji Inafune, who is known best for his involvement with Mega Man, Onimusha, and Dead Rising, recently stopped by Bungie's Seattle-based studio. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a big deal in and of itself; what made the trip so... read

Destructoid celebrates 10 years of the Sega Dreamcast

Sep 09
Ten years ago today (9/9/99), the Sega Dreamcast made its debut in North America. For M. Bison, it was a Thursday. For the rest of us, it was the day that forever changed console gaming as we knew it. Bad timing? Yeah. Histor... read

No More Heroes 2 details emerge, courtesy of Nintendo Power

Jun 28
Whether or not you think Suda51 makes good games, it is an undeniable fact that the guys makes interesting games. That's enough for me to justify posting some new details about the sequel last year's No More Heroes, gleaned f... read

Penny Arcade's Cardboard Tube Samurai a playable in Tekken 6

Jun 20
The Twitter feed tekkenbob, the official feed for Tekken 6, dropped an interesting twitpic today. Along with a tweet mentioning that he "got a sneak peek at something I can't talk about yet" was the above picture. W... read

Desktop Tower Defense is back with a vengeance

Jun 19
I was playing tower defense games long before (well, the Warcraft III days) Desktop Tower Defense became the hit that it is now, but even still I played the game for an unholy amount of time without growing tired in the least... read

All PSP games will be downloadable by October 1 (Update)

Jun 10
Sony is paving the way for its download-only PSP Go, ushering in a new era of downloadable gaming by claiming that "just about" every UMD game for the PlayStation Portable will be available for download on the PSN b... read

Cursed Mountain official website launches, scares me proper

May 05
You already know how I feel about survival horror games if you've read Destructoid or listened to RetroforceGo! for any period of time, so I won't gush all over again about how much I love to turn the lights out and get scare... read

Rhythm Tengoku Gold's Laboratory of Love remixed

Apr 28
We're enthralled with Rhythm Tengoku Gold at the Destructoid fortress, and in fact have been for some time. You may have noticed. In an effort to give voice to the adoration spilling from our hearts for Tsunku's masterpiece, ... read

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