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6:00 PM on 02.01.2011

Live show: Chill Bros play Guitar Hero pro gamer Ecstacy

Want to see how a Guinness World record holder plays Guitar Hero?  Tune in! Put your Guitar Hero thrashing skills to the test against one of the world champions, Annie "Ecstacy" Leung. She joins us today on Jus...

Pico Mause

1:45 PM on 01.29.2011

Mindjack contest winners and gallery

Last week we held a contest where readers altered photos of Mindjack for a chance to win the game.  After careful deliberation and kicking in various groins, our panel of editors picked out g4torturedsoul's animated Donk...

Papa Niero

12:00 PM on 01.24.2011

Destructoid Live is done, how'd we do?

Update: And that's a wrap!  We hope you enjoyed our first ever YouTube live stream of the Destructoid show! Max and I talked about some of 2011's most anticipated games like Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, Portal 2, Duke Nuk...

Tara Long

1:40 PM on 01.05.2011

Destructoid's MAGFest 9 Iron Chef team

Destructoid, I present to you your MAGFest 9 Gamer Iron Chef team. Changston: Master of slicing, dicing and wearing sunglasses inside. Founder of Destructoid's Iron Chef Kickass Superteam (D.I.C.K.S.) 2011. Evil Cheese: Hands...

Matthew Razak

11:40 AM on 07.21.2010

This Solid Snake GameBoy Color graffiti is sick

I'm not normally a fan of even "artistic" graffiti, but I have to confess that this random discovery of Solid Snake's GameBoy Color sprite plastered to a wall is pretty damn fabulous. You might have caught this image on the I...

Jim Sterling

2:20 PM on 07.16.2010

Z.H.P. trailer might be greatest trailer in the universe

Just...just watch the trailer above. It's for the latest game from the team behind Disgaea: Z.H.P. ~Unlosing Ranger VS DarkDeath Evilman~. Damn skippy. See that? SEE THAT? That's the effing title of the game. It's stunning, ...

Ben Perlee

2:00 PM on 06.21.2010

BloodRayne: The Shroud coming to 3DS!

This is one of those stories that got buried under the slew of news that tumbled from E3, but I am nevertheless kicking myself for not hearing about it sooner. As a huge fan of BloodRayne, it gives me great pleasure to declar...

Jim Sterling

7:00 AM on 06.18.2010

E3 10: E3 is over, thanks for joining us, more to come

Well, it's done. E3 has come and gone another year, and what a year it was. Some crazy ass stuff went on at E3 this year, and while we'll be bringing you content for days to come thanks to it, it is time to move on and look f...

Matthew Razak

Bungie explains the
Bungie explains the "What the hell?" Activision partnership
by Nick Chester

It's no surprise that Bungie has wanted to branch off and away from the Halo universe. Despite its strong support of the franchise, red flags were raised from the studio gained independence from Microsoft in 2007. Rumblings that the Seattle-based developer were itching to develop a new IP, possibly multi-platform, have been going around for years.

So yesterday's shock didn't come from the fact that Bungie had finally announced that it would be moving on, developing a new IP across multiple platforms. No, the shock came from who it had signed a ten-year deal with… Activision.

Arguably, the announcement couldn't have come at a worse time, with a very public and legal battle coming to a head between Activision and Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward. And when I woke up yesterday to find a the Activision/Bungie announcement sitting in my inbox, I did a double take, and these words came out of my mouth:

"What, what the hell?"

Not long after the announcement was made, I spoke with Joseph Staten, design director at Bungie, and one of the key players involved in this partnership to bring a new Bungie universe to gamers. My first question, because I'm a professional: "No really, what the hell?"

Staten explains, talks in vague details about its new IP and universe, and more, after the break.

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Contest: Win some Capcom goodies! photo
Contest: Win some Capcom goodies!
by Hollie Bennett

Capcom Europe are a bunch of amazing people who feel exactly the same way I do about videogame communities. So they opened up a mystical cupboard in their offices and threw a bunch of goodies at me to give away here on Destructoid! Since I have seen lots of European and British Dtoiders complaining as of late, it is worth mentioning that this is a European ONLY contest. So if you don't live in Europe, I am afraid you cannot enter.

So what can you win? Well we have a 360 copy of Dark Void, Marval Vs Capcom 2 vinyl, some trading cards, a weird light up Monster Hunter thingy and three posters. One lucky person will win all this and to enter, you need to tell us what your favourite Capcom game is and why. We'll be picking the best submission to give the prize pack to.

You have until March 29 at 11:59PM CST to enter. One entry per person and contest is open to European residents only! Good luck!

[Update: Winner was Justice for this entry!]

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1:45 AM on 03.27.2010

Dtoid PAX East community plans for Saturday

Friday PAX East was pretty amazing. I had an epic pie eating rematch with P.B. Winterbottom folks (video to come), the Frag Dolls party was amazing, The Protomen rocked the concert and we all a blast over at Uno. Today will b...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

Review: Final Fantasy XIII photo
Review: Final Fantasy XIII
by Jim Sterling

If you're a hardcore Final Fantasy XIII fan, prone to emotional outburts and so defensive of Square Enix's latest effort that you'll get upset by harsh criticism, then you're advised to not read this review. If you don't want to see somebody tear this game limb from limb, or are upset by videogame review in general, then you should definitely not read it. 

Final Fantasy is a touchy subject for a great many gamers, and Square Enix has a huge following that earnestly believes the company can do no wrong. This review is not for them. This review might not be for anybody. Well, unless they hate Final Fantasy XIII

Yes, this is going to be one of those reviews.

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11:00 PM on 02.19.2010

Even more people downloaded the Bad Company 2 demo

Following an earlier report on the massive success of the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 demo, DICE is back with some fresh new stats. The number of downloads has been upgraded from 2 million to about 3.5 million. Insanity, I tel...

Jordan Devore

7:40 PM on 12.08.2009

No More Heroes 2 vids bring the butts, blood, and tigers

You are not ready for No More Heroes 2. I don't care who you are. I don't care what you've seen before, or what you think you know; this game will pull the rug out from under you and then spank your ass with it. Hard. It loo...

Jonathan Holmes

Destructoid's 25 days of giving keeps on giving photo
Destructoid's 25 days of giving keeps on giving
by Papa Niero

What is Destructoid? It's this thing! We publish it. We love our readers. We have unleashed a string of contests so awesome that babies and whales are reportedly melting. But first, a matter of business.

I'd like to remind everyone, before we're fatter and more cynical, that we've not forgotten that our very existence violates at least eight natural orders of the universe, and the fact that we grew our readership by nearly 60% this year is surely an irony of the gods. Why stop here? Let's go hump the moon, man!

First, I'm proud to announce formally that *drumroll* Destructoid is moving to the San Francisco area in February 2010 into what I can now only describe as a bunker of web development, coffee, and infinite bacon for all passersby. We will be celebrating four years of independent games blogging in the beautiful state of California to further d*ck around in the American game industry's backyard. (All in favor of this, say hoozah!)

Second: Citizens of San Francisco, you will soon see me in my underwear. I apologize in advance and will explain later.

Third: Destructoid is giving away about $10,000 worth of stuff in the next 25 days. Consoles. Computers. Games. Swag. Toys. Crap you couldn't buy even if your dad was a terrible shogun. One contest every day. Some will be small and end in seconds, some will last a few weeks. Some will send you on a scavenger hunt for Destructoid's headless cat of generosity, pictured above.

To get to the contests, click on the green contest button on the top of the site or follow this link!


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New releases: Dragon Age, Lego Rock Band, Rabbids & more
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

This week's major release is Dragon Age: Origins for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. It's the latest and greatest from Bioware and takes gamers to the past rather than the future. Oh, and it's going to let Brad Nicholson ride dragons ... I think.

Speaking of the future, a couple of new Star Wars games are out. Well, actually, they're both re-releases in a way. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron makes the jump to the PSP and DS and Star Wars The Force Unleashed is getting re-released with new additions on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Activision and Warner Bros. are going head-to-head again with the release of Band Hero and Lego Rock Band. And rounding out the releases are a handful of games from Ubisoft which includes Rabbids Go Home.

Plenty to choose from this week, Dtoiders! What's looking sw33t to you? Hit the break for the full release schedule, trailers and preview links for most of the games.

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