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That is SO aggro


Captain Obvious: Sony profits fall

May 16
In the most obvious story since the invention of the word obvious, Sony announced today that their operating profits have fell a shareholder-jumping 68% for the financial year. But, we all knew that would happen. Sony already... read

Jack Thompson sues Florida Bar and Supreme Court, faces 91 day disbarment

May 08
Everyone's favorite video game lawyer is apparently being considered for a temporary disbarment by the Florida Bar Association. As you've heard he's been on a bit of a legal warpath lately with the local powers t... read

High school student, hammer arrested for creating in-game map of his school

May 03
According to FortBendNow, via Slashdot, a high school student at Clements High School in Fort Bend, Texas was arrested (and expelled) for creating a Counterstrike map that replicated the grounds of his school.The student in q... read

Attention Mexican gaming community: Don't be a griefer or you get broken

May 01
The Mexican gaming community ain't one to be f**ked with. This latest tale is a prime example of just that. Question for you World of Warcraft players: Have you ever wanted to beat the living crap out of an annoying gri... read

Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo up on Japanese PSN, hits U.S. later today

Apr 26
The demo for the highly anticipated remake, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, has hit the Japanese PlayStation Network store. As we speak, the demo is slowly making its way to my hard drive and then for the rest of the day, I will bask in ... read

Rosenblum pleads not guilty, to be put under house arrest

Apr 19
To update the alleged happenings of one very allegedly stupid person, GameLife's Andrew Rosenblum has pleaded not guilty to three counts of threatening to commit a crime and has had his bail placed at $50,000. Once Rosenb... read

Jack Thompson's evil FOX appearance

Apr 17
Remember how I told you Jack "video games are zee devil" Thompson was on FOX News yesterday taking advantage of the Virginia Tech tragedy to push his own agenda? Well, thankfully one of our dedicated readers, Kennigit, sent over the video of the appearance. Take a look and fill your rage meter.  digg_url = '';  read

Sony UK to cut up to 160 jobs

Apr 16
An anonymous employee of Sony UK sent us an e-mail that states that up to 160 jobs are planned to be cut from SCE UK, SCEE Central, SCE Cambridge, and SCE London. The move is being made to streamline the company due to the fa... read

Side by side comparison of F.E.A.R. on the PS3 and 360

Apr 16
Comparison screenshots are one thing, but when you do a well-done comparison video, trying to discern the difference between a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 cross-platform game suddenly takes on a much different meaning. Of co... read

Can't find a Wii? Get used to it

Apr 11
According to our favorite PR person, Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo's Wii shortage will last a tad longer than what we've been told and promised by other Ninty execs in the past. From Kaplan via Next Gen:“There is a l... read

Serkis goes insane for Heavenly Sword

Apr 05
  Pro tip: Don't mess with Andy Serkis. He's plotting to rid the kingdom of the weak, old, sick, perverts, fanatics, self-professing messiahs, spineless freaks, terrorists, degenerates, stupid and especially... read

Burnout 5: Not the same sh*t again

Apr 04
Burnout Revenge is a tough act to follow, especially after the follow-ups to games like Gran Turismo and Ridge Racer have been shiny ponies, but less than innovative and new feeling. Short of PGR4's and Forza 2, there rea... read

Will Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword be the most awkward franchise sequel ever or will I have to eat my words with poison darts and Cocoa Puffs? I doubt it -- this new video suggests that the gameplay is the equivalent of eating ... read feature


Sony kinda sorta, not really denies 80GB PS3 is coming

Mar 29
Because of an FCC filing that was recently leaked out that pointed to Sony's own "elite" PlayStation 3, the company has already come out and denied that such an action means a new PS3 is coming out ... at this ... read

GameStop says Nintendo held back Wiis, will have good supply in April

Mar 27
Take this for what you will, but according to GameStop COO Dan DeMatteo, Nintendo intentionally held back on their Wii distribution because apparently the company already made the bank they wanted to (see, money > custome... read

Ad: The PS3 is for movies, also games

Mar 25
Fanboys can have a field day with this one: Digger Key10000 snapped a pic of a controversially worded retail ad in the UK that positions the PS3 as a Blu-ray player that "also plays great games." For all we know it... read

Gallery: gaming industry goes gangsta'

Mar 22
This unsettling photoshop contest gallery is a result of what happed when we tasked hardcore gamers to turn gaming industry executives and franchise characters into hardcore rappers. The result? Donkey Pimp.Ken Kutarabling. H... read

That's all. One lousy screenshoot of a giant sea-world tentacle forcefully entering the anus of a very uncomfortable looking digitized Johnny Depp. The game will also feature gameplay with the other two film actors: hotne... read feature


Unintentionally sexual moments in Wii

Mar 20
It probably will never get any better than Ring King, but a handful of new screenshots on Famitsu involving sex kittens and muscular green afro'd men (with fantastic breasts) were just too irresistable. I mean, look at t... read

Miyamoto disses PlayStation Home, breaks into Captain Obvious mode

Mar 19
I like to think of Shigeru Miyamoto as one of the kindest men on this planet. In fact, I honestly don't think the dude has a mean bone in his tiny little body. So, when I see the Nintendo master talking a little smack, ... read

Miyamoto wants to know: What does Nintendo mean to you?

Mar 17
It seems like Nintendo is upping the market research ante by sending designer extraodinaire Shigeru Miyamoto to Yahoo! Answers to ask, "How old were you when you first heard the term 'Nintendo', and what does th... read

The top 10 beat-em-ups of all time

Mar 15
The ever-prolific video-makin' ScrewAttackers have compiled another fun top 10 list of the best beat-em-ups of our time. The criteria: the game must have arcade style fighting, summon blinking arrows that tell you when to move, and have co-op modes. Classics like Golden Axe and Battletoads made the list ... but do you agree with the number one pick?  Discuss!  read

Olivia Munn pauses games, talks oral sex

Mar 12
You may know Olivia Munn as the hostess of G4's Attack of the Show, or she might look familiar from Playboy magazine if your issues aren't all male-glued together. In this rare clip we get to see another side of the... read

GDC 2007: Yes, the Wii is a piece of sh*t ... I didn't say it

Mar 08
Well well, looks like I'm not the only one a little disappointed with the Wii's capabilities. Take a look at this gem unearthed by IGN today at GDC. Combined with what Sony did today and what we've seen from Micr... read

Sony comes clean on executive bumblings

Mar 05
Two humbling stories highlighting top executives at Sony surfaced today where top executives openly admit some failings and problems within the organization that have directly attributed to the company's shaky year in the... read

Sony still thinks the PS3s are selling out. Are they right?

Feb 28
I'm not one to spend my free time visiting stores to check and see if PlayStation 3s are in stock, but if various first-hand reports on the Internet are to be believed (which they probably shouldn't), then supposedly ... read

Captain Obvious: Online players like to say 'gay' a lot

Feb 26
In another example of shocking news related to studies, a recent gaming survey on the homophobia that permeates the video game landscape says that a majority of online players use the words "that's so gay" or an... read

Guitar Hero 2 ... the hidden track

Feb 21
There is a video I want to show you, but it is a little shy.  Click below:The vaudevillians at CollegeHumor have posted a tribute to the world's greatest guitar game, created by the guys from A Week of Kindness. Watc... read

Teletubbies hate the Wii

Feb 20
The toy company Tomy -- known for the Teletubbies and Thomas the Tank Engine play things -- has come out and blamed Nintendo's Wii for a loss in profits. See, even these adorable creatures hate the Wii!From Toy News:Tomy ... read

Crackdown: Preparing for the real seller

Feb 19
It seems someone at a retail outlet snapped a picture of what will be the real seller of Crackdown: the Halo 3 beta. Good to know they got their priorities straight on this one. Makes you wonder if they'll sell the game in a Master Chief display.[Via Digg]  read

Tokyo kid murders family for mad tokens

Feb 17
Our strange Asian counterpart spotted a story of a hardcore gamer gone wrong ... and dumb. Apparently a university student was having trouble with his arcade habit RL-fragged both a man and his dear old mum. Luckily he was a... read

 Update: So um, there's these new concept art from Star Wars: Force Unleashed, um ... yeah. I'm 0-2 on old news today, folks. Anybody seen E.T. lately? read feature

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