One tit out: Leaked footage of a canceled Soul Reaver sequel, Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun
I can't get over the tit....
4:30 PM on 02.23.2015

Final Fantasy x Puzzle & Dragons crossover unveiled
9:30 AM on 02.20.2015

Watch the official Final Fantasy XV demo livestream here
More details revealed
5:05 AM on 02.20.2015

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's Gold Saucer looks amazing
Loving these screens
8:30 AM on 02.19.2015

Square Enix is back for another Humble Bundle
But more importantly, this freakin' Sleeping Dogs image
5:00 PM on 02.17.2015

Square Enix is taking pitches for a new Gex
And games based on other old Eidos properties
2:30 PM on 02.17.2015

Lara looks cold in Rise of the Tomb Raider
8:30 AM on 02.17.2015

More info arises on the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo
You can fight a Behemoth!
10:00 AM on 02.16.2015

Square Enix reveals new Dissidia Final Fantasy
...for arcades!
12:10 AM on 02.14.2015

Get a load of this Final Fantasy Type-0 HD footage and PSP comparison
Plenty of info here
9:00 AM on 02.12.2015

Square Enix trademarks Lara Croft: Relic Run in Europe
Uh oh
8:00 AM on 02.12.2015

Hitman: Agent 47 looks anything but stealthy
Videogame movies, man
1:30 PM on 02.11.2015

So what's the difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions of Dragon Quest Heroes?
I'll tell you
11:30 AM on 02.10.2015

Man at Arms forges Auron's Katana from Final Fantasy X
My favorite FFX character
7:00 AM on 02.10.2015

Square Enix christens Bravely Second with a subtitle
Also, Tiz be lookin' real sexy
2:35 AM on 02.09.2015

Step right up and win a prize from the Square Enix Steam sale
Hurry, hurry, step right up
2:00 AM on 02.08.2015


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