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Spice Girls


'WTF is with empowered women in video games now?'

Jan 11
This thread is currently doing the rounds among the usual social networks, and I felt I had to share. Posted to the "Men Going Their Own Way" forum (so you already know it's comedy gold), a thread called "WTF is with empowere... read

Dead Island code reveals 'Feminist Whore' skill

Sep 08
It's amazing that, after so many years, developers still haven't learned a universal truth about PC games -- if you put something in your code, people will find it. So it is that a Steam user was poking around in Dead Island'... read

Spice Girl Mel B wants to get you fit with PS Move

Sep 10
Have you guys seen how fit Spice Girl Mel B is? She is like, really, really fit. Someone who isn't fit can't do a kick like that; trust me, I tried to make Jim do one and he fell right on his ass. But Mel B wants to share her... read