Steam SEGA Super Bundle gives you $370 worth of games for $80
There are also a bunch of separate bundles if only certain things interest you
10:00 AM on 03.27.2015

This Sega Dreamcast theme for 3DS is legit
Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three
8:00 PM on 03.18.2015

Yakuza 0 tops Japanese charts, spurs PS4 sales
Western release still in question
10:30 AM on 03.18.2015

PSA: Valkyria Chronicles (PC) for $6.80, which is real cheap
One of my favorite turn-based strategy RPGs
5:15 PM on 03.12.2015

Sega brings back OutRun with style for the 3D Classics Series
Race with flair on March 12
2:30 PM on 03.11.2015

Sega and Game Freak join forces for Tembo the Badass Elephant
PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer
12:30 PM on 03.11.2015

Creative Assembly reveals inital pitch video for Alien: Isolation
See the never before shown video that started development
3:46 PM on 03.04.2015

Never seen Alien: Isolation third-person footage shown at GDC
Gameplay showing abandoned alternate camera set-up shown during panel
3:45 PM on 03.04.2015

Sonic Team lead plans to continue making Sonic for consoles
Boom, there it is
4:00 PM on 03.01.2015

$8 Valkyria Chronicles returns, big Sega sale including Shining Force II, Golden Axe
2:00 PM on 02.27.2015

Sega-Capcom crossover comic 'Worlds Unite' features characters we haven't seen in years
Got the world in my wingspan
5:30 PM on 02.26.2015

Sega shuts down Valkyria Chronicles mobile game
Social card game Valkyria Duel hits the end of the line
9:45 AM on 02.26.2015

Fans cobble together playable demo for abandoned Sonic X-Treme
Canceled for being too extreme
9:00 AM on 02.26.2015

Archie's Mega Man and Sonic 'Worlds Unite' crossover will be bigger than we thought
More characters
11:30 AM on 02.24.2015

Note to self: Replay Rez at least once a year
'The journey will begin anew'
4:00 PM on 02.23.2015

Beard View: Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2
I know too much about Hatsune Miku and I don't even know that much
1:00 PM on 02.20.2015