This Mega Drive is actually Megatron in disguise
He's just really good at hiding
5:00 AM on 05.28.2014

The RetroN 5 is my childhood of gaming in one box
Coming real soon
11:00 AM on 05.24.2014

Steel Empire on 3DS is like Castle in the Sky, the shmup
Coming to North America this summer
12:00 PM on 03.25.2014

OutRun is going to be a 3D Classic in Japan
And elsewhere, if there's any justice in this world
6:00 PM on 03.24.2014

Sega has a new Humble sale and it's super tempting
Featuring the likes of Alpha Protocol, Typing of the Dead, and Binary Domain
2:15 PM on 03.13.2014

Aladdin designers weigh in on which version was best
Shinji Mikami and David Perry speak up
2:00 PM on 02.21.2014

Sega 3D Classics Altered Beast and Sonic out now for 3DS
Take a trip to the ol' eShop
10:00 PM on 12.05.2013

Upcoming Sega Genesis/Megadrive art book looks marvelous
25th anniversary book celebrates Sega's 16-bit glory
11:00 AM on 11.17.2013

Sonic, Streets of Rage, and other 3DS re-releases dated
3D Classics Series
7:00 PM on 10.30.2013

Jimquisition: Vertigo
Jimquisition happens every Monday!
3:00 PM on 09.30.2013

Duane & BrandO's remastered LP is ready for yo' bawls
NES all up in this beast with LP of Devastation [Remastered]
3:00 AM on 09.30.2013

Celebrate 20 years of Gunstar Heroes with OC ReMix
Be Agressive! is the latest OCR tribute album
3:00 PM on 09.14.2013

A 3D Steel Empire remake is coming to the 3DS
Shoot 'em 3D!
6:00 PM on 08.23.2013

The Chaos Engine hits Steam and this month
Online co-op, you say? August 29, you say? Have some money!
4:00 PM on 08.17.2013

Castle of Illusion out first week of September
Plus get the original Genesis version if you pre-order
8:00 PM on 08.16.2013

Free PC game Ripple Dot Zero is Sonic mixed with Strider
Genetically engineered penguin in sneakers
1:00 PM on 06.29.2013


omg make it stop