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Screw over your customers!

Famitsu: PS Vita memory cards are a 'requirement'

Oct 26
When a company sells an optional add-on to a product, one usually assumes that it is just that -- optional. According to Famitsu, however, the PlayStation Vita's expensive memory cards aren't something you can just ignore, wi... read

Battlefield 3 PS3 didn't come with 1943 as promised

Oct 26
Earlier in the year, Electronic Arts said (via Sony's Jack Tretton) that Battlefield 3 on the PS3 would ship with a free copy of Battlefield 1943 -- a potentially sweet selling point for the deal-conscious gamer. We... read

The Jimquisition: Used Videogames Have A Right To Exist

Sep 26
Publishers would have you believe that used games are the biggest threat to the games industry. Even gamers will sympathize with these huge companies and equate the used market with piracy. Unlike piracy, however, used games... read

Driver: San Francisco dev defends 'always on' DRM

Sep 02
Ubisoft Reflections founder Martin Edmonson has defended "Always On" DRM, which requires gamers to permanently be online so they can constantly prove their innocence to Ubisoft. Despite Driver: San Fr... read

Risen goes on sale, Steam runs out of activation keys

Nov 14
Deep Silver's roleplaying game Risen is currently on sale for Steam right now, but we're advising you not to buy it. Not because of the game's quality, but because if you buy it right now, you won't be able to play it. Appare... read

So, looks like Apple may charge for iPad OS updates

Mar 31
Not content to release a $700 slab of pointlessness, it appears Apple will be following a business model familiar to iPod Touch users and cheekily charge users for future firmware upgrades. The implication comes from Apple's ... read

Dear 360 owners, don't use unauthorized memory devices

Oct 18
Planning to update your 360 as part of the Microsoft Preview Program that is kicking into gear next week so that you can hang out with the cool kids over Twitter and do other awesome stuff that people not in the preview progr... read

Subscribed to EGM? Enjoy your new Maxim subscription!

Jun 16
EGM died a painful and cruel death, but its legacy has been done justice. Those still subscribed to the (officially) dead magazine need not worry that their money was spent unwisely, because instead of EGM, they will now inst... read

The most blatant PSP rip-off the world will ever see

May 11
Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce the Geda VX690HD, perhaps the most blatantly obvious rip-off in the world. You almost have to congratulate Geda for summoning the kind of stones required to release a system that doesn't... read

Rumortoid: Nolan Bushnell to keynote ScrewAttack Gaming Conference

Feb 23
You'd never believe what happened to me today: I was out jogging with pineapples (as I usually start my week) when I slammed head-first into a six foot bird. He began spewing all kinds of nonsense about an Ironman of Gaming s... read

Gamestop: Ending second-hand sales will 'upset' customers

Nov 26
The debate over second-hand games rages on, and if you are a regular reader of Destructoid, you'll quickly learn that most of us don't quite see eye-to-eye with EA, David Braben and Epic on this one. Second-hand games are awe... read

Yoink!: UPS employees lifting GTA IV

Apr 28
It seems that the parade of pundits angrily shaking their fists as they list the myriad ways in which videogames would be the downfall of civilization may have been on to something. According to the fine folks at Ars not even... read

Arizona man pays $400 for Wii, opens box to find a block of wood

Mar 07
I'm not sure what annoys me more: the fact that this poor guy was duped by some jerk who decided to sell him a $400 chunk of firewood, or that the writer from ABC calls the item "A Wii game" repeatedly in her articl... read

Nintendo DS involved in a price-fixing scandal in Japan

Feb 28
Worry not; Nintendo isn't the bad guy here. But you should know that your precious Nintendo DS is somehow involved in a price fixing scandal between two LCD makers in Japan.Sharp and Hitachi, two of Japan's largest electronic... read

The nominees for ScrewAttack's first annual Shitty Ass Game of the Year Awards

Dec 17
Our friends at ScrewAttack are holding their first annual Shitty Ass Game of the Year Awards, or SAGYs for short. All the games on the SAGY list were nominated by gamers and anyone can vote on which game they think was the wo... read

ScrewAttack takes a look at PS3 exclusives ... Yeah, I know (Audio NSFW)

Nov 14
It has been out for a year and has a massive library of exclusive games, and by massive I mean I have been in Chad's Jeep with more people (This sad joke is actually true). It is the PSTriples. Our friends at ScrewAttack show... read

Guitar Hero III DLC revealed: We gotta fight the powers that be

Nov 06
Thanks to the lads at Official Xbox Magazine we've got word of three upcoming packs of DLC for Guitar Hero III. The OXM kids make buckets of cash for doing this sort of thing, so let's let them tell it:Expect a Foo Fighters p... read

E For All: Video wrapup

Oct 25
Although the conference is over, many of us still wake up in the middle of the night, fearing yet another day on the show floor of E for All awaits us. In an effort to get closure and put an end to these nightmares, I have pu... read

BBC thinks that games are serious business

Aug 06
I was totally unaware that the BBC got owned in the face when it was revealed that a number of its phone-in competitions were fakes. That's hilarious, especially as the good old British Broadcasting Corporation is a huge pile... read

Announcing our new Destructoid editors: Florian Eckhardt and Eliza Gauger

Jul 20
In 2006, two of the greatest voices in video game blogging were lost in a freak Wiring accident. We mourned, but everything happens for a reason. By the great power of Chtulhu and advances in robotics, these two enigmas now r... read

Puzzle Quest coming to the Wii? Only if Jesus loves me

Jul 04
I used to think that only licensed games and Geometry Wars were released on every single console availble. Thankfully, I see the error of my ways, and have repented of my ignorant and pagan ways. Now, behold the glory of the ... read

All is not well on the Halo 2 front: How to screw over gamers

May 10
It looks like you are going to have to dig just a little bit deeper into those shallow pockets of yours, if Bungie has anything to do with it.  Not only were online ranked matches reset, but something a bit more sinister... read

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