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Sam and Max


Sam & Max season 3 poaches pre-order price cut on PSN

Mar 19
Alright, let's be frank here -- I'll take any chance I can get to pimp Telltale Games' Sam & Max games. The justification this time is that some new-fangled PlayStation Network pre-order starts today. As in right now. If ... read

Sam & Max season three outed as The Devil's Playhouse

Feb 09
It would appear that Telltale Games is preparing a brand new adventure for Sam & Max with a third season of mindbending puzzles and faintly embarrassing witticisms. It's called Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. A... read

Take a survey, get a free Telltale game

Jan 29
Seeking some input on the next Sam & Max season, the fine folks at Telltale Games want to know about what kinds of games you're playing and have set up a survey to ask exactly that. They're not only fine, but they're smar... read

Dear Telltale: I love you, but ...

Jul 22
For helping make point-and-click adventure games popular again and for single-handedly proving that episodic gaming could be a successful and creatively fresh way of releasing videogames, I will always love Telltale Games. Th... read

Sam and Max Save the World gets an XBLA release date

Jun 13
Telltale Games have been burning both ends of the wick recently: they just launched the first episode of Wallace and Gromit on XBLA, announced Tales of Monkey Island, and are about to release Sam & Max Save the World. The... read

You read that headline right -- Telltale has announced that Sam & Max will be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this year. Season one and seasons two -- already released for PC and Wii -- will be made available as full-seas... read feature


Symbiote Studios announces the Sam & Max statue

Jan 28
I've kept an eye on Symbiote Studios ever since they took the commendable step of transforming Dr. Tran into a collectible I could actually buy and decorate my desk with, and it seems that they are aiming to please even more ... read

Games that strictly approach from a comedic angle are rare these days. In a time when interactive entertainment predominately consists of badass protagonists wielding large guns, it's refreshing to see that there is still a p... read feature


After its PC debut on Gametap nearly two years ago, the entirety of Sam and Max Season One will be making its way to the Wii this fall. And considering the game has been rumored to be coming to Nintendo’s console for ju... read feature


Sam & Max Season Two getting a collectors DVD, other stuff

Jul 23
Telltale Games announced today that Sam & Max, everyone’s favorite pair of anthropomorphic animal investigators, will be getting a collectors edition DVD for their second season of downloadable episodes. This DVD wi... read

Sam and Max Wii trailer and screenshots

Jul 17
We’ve known for a good while that Sam and Max: Season One was headed to the Wii. What we still don’t have is good indication of a release date. The newest information that we have is that the gmes is still slated ... read

Sam & Max coming to the Wii this August (now with box art!)

May 23
As someone who has the worst PC on the planet (seriously, it barely runs Notepad), I was more than excited about the news that Sam & Max – Season 1 would be coming to the Wii. As everyone was enjoying ... read

Original Telltale developed games in the works

Apr 14
So look -- Telltale Games' Sam & Max Seasons are consistently pretty awesome. And the forthcoming WiiWare title, the hilariously-named Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episodic series, definitely has our atten... read

Sam & Max season finale available today

Apr 10
Sam & Max Season 2 finishes up today, with the conclusion of the five-episode season now available on GameTap. Episode 205, What's new, Beelzebub? finds the duo de la awesome bargaining with the devil for control of Bosco... read

Is this the first image of Sam & Max running on the Wii?

Apr 09
Although the news broke last week about Sam & Max: Season 1 coming to the Wii, it looks like the first image of the game actually running on Nintendo’s point-and-click friendly console slipped through the ... read

You crack me up, lil' buddy: Sam and Max officially confirmed for Wii

Apr 04
Holy jumping weasel fritters on a hot cross bun! Now all you people who have Macs don't have to kill yourselves over your previous inability to play the Sam and Max episodes (they're really good)!Today, Telltale games offici... read

Kind of a rumor, but not really: Sam and Max coming to the Wii

Jan 13
Since late 2006, PC fans have been enjoying the triumphant return of world-famous anthropomorphic detective duo, Sam and Max. Its point-and-click style has been a hit with gamers since the 1993 release of Sam & Max Hit th... read

Another month, another Sam and Max episode. If you haven't subscribed already, you should have; if you have, you might wanna know what you're in for; if you don't know what I'm talking about, then shame on you and shame on t... read feature


Gather round, lads, it's full disclosure time: I didn't play Sam & Max Season 1. I didn't play Sam & Max Hit the Road. I'm only perfunctorily acquainted with the entire adventure genre. I have failed you.This, along ... read feature


PAX 2007: Sam and Max Season Two impressions

Aug 31
Admittedly, I've never been part of the PC adventure game crowd. Now before you browse through your inventory for a torch and lighter, or enter things like "/pitchfork", let me explain what I mean. It's not that I d... read

The quiet genius of Steve Purcell

Aug 29
If you thought I was done relating uncomfortable anecdotes from San Diego Comic-Con, you would be wrong.Sometime after my humiliation at the LucasArts booth (to which I subjected myself for the Cause), I found myself strollin... read

Sam and Max: Season Two coming this Fall!

Jul 25
I am not an exclamatory sort of guy. I rarely, if ever, choose to exclaim things. And even when I do, I usually never go through the trouble of adding an exclamation mark, instead letting the period (and all the cool, dispas... read

Sam and Max: Season 1 to hit retail with bonus content

Jun 07
Subscribers of Gametap have known what's up for awhile -- the digitally distributed Sam and Max: Season 1 was a blast for fans of the point-and-click adventure genre. Now that the six episode season has wrapped, Season 1 ... read

Sam & Max episodes coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Virtual Console

Mar 20
In an interview with Shacknews, Telltale CEO Dan Connors has revealed that he has hopes to bring the popular and critically adored Sam & Max episodics to Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii’s Virtual Con... read

Sam and Max possibly coming to 360, Orbach possibly coming back from dead

Feb 25
Gamespot has done some investigative snooping only to come up with the hypothesis that the recent Sam and Max games may be heading to the Xbox 360. While it is just a rumor, signs including Telltale's (the developers beh... read

Gametap is cheap and easy, like a good whore should be

Feb 22
A few days ago, superstar editor and sometimes gastrointestinal specialist Aaron Linde said to me, "You know, I want to check out Myst Online: Uru Live and Gametap is having an introductory special where the first mont... read

Fake Game Friday: Forgotten Toys

Dec 15
Last week Dexter345 brought you Gears of Wario Ware, this week reader Marky7474 sends us yet another game idea: his epic RPG filled with toy heroes. "Think FF7 with Source engine graphics." With Homer plush toys, me... read

New Sam and Max Episode 2 gameplay video

Dec 04
Gametap and Telltale have released the first gameplay video for the new, appropriately-titled Sam and Max episode, "Situation:Comedy". This episode takes place in a TV studio, and the video shows Sam and Max hos... read

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