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Dtoid Live: Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring

Jan 13
Today on Destructoid Live we take to the ruff and tumble world of Mexican wrestling and play Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring. Yes, Jon Carnage Asada, Pico De Gallo and El VENOM will be doing battle with all the rudos and tecnico...


Jan 12
We love this game so we are playing it again. DC Universe Online on Destructoid Live. Your favorite stream theory heroes Venom, Carnage and Pico the Mouse will be jumping headfirst into this highly anticipated MMO. So strap ...

Dtoid Live: DC Universe Online

Jan 11
Yes! It's finally here and we get to play it. DC Universe Online on Destructoid Live. Your favorite stream theory heroes Venom and Carnage will be jumping headfirst into this highly anticipated MMO. So strap your cape, utilit...

Destructoid Live: Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes

Jan 10
Sneak onto Justin.Tv/Destructoid as we kick off today's stream with PlayStation 3's, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. Today Venom, Carnage, and Pico will be streaming this action-adventure game live from the Destructoid headqu...

Destructoid Live: Donkey Kong Returns

Jan 07
Hang out with Venom, Carnage, and Pico live from the Destructoid headquarters today at 4PM Pacific on Justin.Tv/Destructoid as we swing into Donkey Kong Returns for the Nintendo Wii. We get down to serious monkey business as ...

Destructoid Live: Cho Aniki

Jan 06
Today on Destructoid Live we will be flexing our skills with the wacky PlayStation 3 game Cho Aniki. Join Venom, Carnage, and Pico as we square off in this competition of bulk and skill. Destructoid Live streams daily on Justin.Tv/Destructoid at 4PM Pacific on weekdays and 12PM Pacific on weekends.

Destructoid Live: DC Universe Online closing ceremonies

Jan 05
Yesterday was a big hit. We gave away a hundred beta codes for DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3 and PC. Today is the last day of the DC Universe Online beta and we are going to go out with a bang as we participate in t...

Destructoid Live: DC Universe playthrough plus giveaway!

Jan 04
Yes, if you couldn't tell we're pushing DC Universe Online pretty hard today, but for good reason! The beta ends tomorrow  and we have a bunch of beta codes to give out. So on today's episode of Destructoid Live, we will...

Destructoid Live: Aliens vs. Predators

Jan 03
Today on the very first Destructoid Live of a new century, Carnage and I play Aliens vs. Pedobear. Wait, that's not right. Sorry I mean Aliens vs. Predators. The not-so-well-received game was considered a miss, but we attempt...

Dtoid Live: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Dec 31
Join us today on The Chill Bros on at 4PM Pacific as we sneak through Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Today, the regular trio of Venom, Carnage, and Pico will be stabbing dudes with stealthy skill on the ...

Destructoid Live: Mafia II

Dec 30
Today on Dtoid Live we make it classy with Mafia II, the most profanity laced videogame ever. Released by 2K Games in August, Mafia II takes the players to the 1940's to relive those crazy times when men wore suits and women ...

Dtoid Live: More Raskulls, now with more Mr. Destructoid!

Dec 29
Destructoid Live is playing Raskulls all over again today! We had a blast with it yesterday so we wanted to do it again, especially since it's now available for all to purchase on Xbox Live Arcade! Plus we have even more code...

Destructoid Live: Zombie killing in Dead Rising 2

Dec 27
On today's episode of Destructoid Live we will be playing Dead Rising 2 for the Xbox 360 in celebration of the new expansion, Dead Rising 2: Cast West. I figure it's a perfect game just in time for our impending doom that wi...

Dtoid Live: Derezzing with TRON Evolution on Xbox 360

Dec 24
On today's episode of Destructoid Live we will be playing Disney's TRON Evolution for the Xbox 360. We are always up to something crazy so join us during the X-Mas Eve show for tips such as how to lure Santa into your house ...

Dtoid Live rewind: Kung Fu Live underpants hysteria

Dec 24
Earlier this week we attempted to play Kung Fu Live on the PlayStation Eyething. During the calibration procedure we learned that the technology works best when you're not wearing dark clothing. Rather than trouble with a cos...

Dtoid Live: Prince of Persia HD for the PS3 giveaway!

Dec 23
On today's episode of Destructoid Live we are giving away Prince of Persia: Sands of Time HD and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HD for the PlayStation 3. We have five codes for each game to giveaway and you'll have to join...

Dtoid Live: Kung-Fu Live giveaway in our underwear

Dec 22
Tighten your black belt and join us on Destructoid Live right now on as we play Kung-Fu Live. Don't forget to stretch and give us your best "Hi-Ya!" for a chance to win one of three codes for Kung-Fu Liv...

DTOID LIVE: Faery: Legends of Avalon Giveaway

Dec 21
Gather your pixie dust and join the Chill Bros live right now on as we play the game Faery: Legends of Avalon. Pull up your tights and sprinkle on the glitter for a chance to win your very own copy of Faery! Join us in the chat to find out how to win. We broadcast live daily from 4 PM Pacific every weekday, and 12 PM Pacific on weekends.

DTOID LIVE: Rock Band 3 DLC giveaway

Dec 20
Rock out with the Chill Bros live right now on for your chance to win new Billy Joel DLC on Rock Band 3. We're also wearing some wigs (probably). Join us in the chat to find out how to win, or jump into our game via Xbox Live. We broadcast live daily from 4 PM Pacific every weekday, and join Conrad and Jordan on Saturday Morning Hangover every Saturday morning at 10 am.

We're doing a Charity Water live stream this Sunday!

Dec 17
Hope you're Friday is going well. I've just got a couple of quick announcements for you, then I'll let you get back to whatever you were doing. First off, I wanted to remind you to vote for your favorite game in The Destructo...

DTOID LIVE:X-MEN The Arcade Game on Chill Bros(win codes)

Dec 17
X-MEN, WELCOME TO DIE!!! Today on Destructoid Live the crew will be playing the legendary X-Men arcade game.I know quite a few of us spent our lunch money on this beat'em up. Released by Konami in 1992, and re-released on XBL...

DTOID LIVE: Smackdown VS Raw!!

Dec 16
::Hulk Hogan Voice:: Listen here DUDE!! Keep it raw but don't get the smackdown! Team up with Venom, Carnage, Pico, and the rest of the DTOID HQ at 4pm/pst on Justin.Tv/Destructoid!! That's right BROTHER, we will be locking up with Smackdown Vs Raw 2010!


Dec 15
Do you like hands? Do you like GOD? Then I know you're gonna' love God Hand! Join us on Destructoid Live on for a God Handing good time. Who cares if this game is basically a rip off Fist of the North Star? I love ...

Destructoid Live: Gran Turismo 5

Dec 14
Rev up your engine and race on over to Destructoid Live on Justin.Tv/Destructoid at 4pm/pst. Join Venom, Carnage, Pico, and the rest of the Dtoid HQ as they throw down on a round of Grand Turismo 5. Put the pedal to the metal so you don't miss the action!

Destructoid Live: Hard Party with Lilt Line and Bit.Trip

Dec 13
Oh my God. Yeah, it's really happening. We're playing Lilt Line, Bit.Trip CORE and Bit.Trip VOID, on our live stream today! On top of that we're hoping to get a few of the guys from Gaijin Games (publisher of Lilt Line on Wii...

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Giveaway: Live on JTV!

Dec 10
Hey fellow DTOID'ers....we are back today on Justin.TV, and we are bringing you PAC-MAN!!!! Yes that crazy legend is back, and today he will be controlled by a legend in his own right, Jon "I ain't afraid of no ghosts"Carnage...

Dtoid Live: Top Gun Giveaway

Dec 09
::Southern Military Voice:: Strap up because Uncle Sam needs YOU! Your objective is to win a copy of Top Gun using this 'ere bird! Our strategy is to tune into Justin.Tv/Destructoid at 4p/pst for your chance to out gun them mother f...::End Accent:: Woah, sorry about that. :D Anyway, we are giving away games so Join Venom, Carnage, Pico, and the rest of the Dtoid HQ Staff!

Destructoid Live: Win Marvel Pinball for PSN a week early

Dec 08
Our week of giving continues here at Destructoid and we're giving away Marvel Pinall again, but this time for the PlayStation Network. The game isn't out until next Tuesday but Zen Studios was kind enough to provide us with ...

Interview: Jimmie Johnson talks Anything With An Engine

Dec 08
  Jimmie Johnson is a living legend. Being a living legend isn't easy. I know the feeling, as I have had my fair share of legendary moments on the Internet. After the positive feedback from my Tetris interview the folks ...

Destructoid Live: Win Auditorium HD for the PSN!

Dec 07
Our week of giving continues here at Destructoid and today we're giving away Auditorium HD for the PlayStation Network. The unique and trippy music game has mesmerized the residents of Destructoid HQ and you'll have the chanc...

Dtoid Live: WoW Cataclysm - realm first level 85 attempt

Dec 07
Hey Dtoiders! The expansion pack was just released, so tonight I will be attempting to achieve the Level 85 Realm First Feat of Strength in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on Zangarmarsh (US) Horde. I will be playing my Frost...

Dtoid Live: Holy crap Sega just came over

Dec 06
Update - Sega community manager Fabian Doehla just crashed our HQ.  Hit the chat if you have any questions for him.  We're talking about Yakuza 6, Shenmue 8, and rumors about the new console.  He also showed up...

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