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Price Drop


Nintendo selling 3DS at a loss after price cut

Jul 28
According to Bloomberg Japan, Nintendo is now selling the 3DS at a loss, something the company hasn't done with hardware for a very long time. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has said that the uncharacteristic move was necessary in... read

3DS price cut: Nintendo worried fans will lose trust

Jul 28
Nintendo announced last night that, less than six months after releasing the 3DS for $250, that it was slashing the price to $169.99 on August 12. Nintendo is worried that this will cause early supporters of Nintendo to lose ... read

Nintendo has announced that they will be changing the manufacturer suggested retail price for their Nintendo 3DS handheld worldwide. The gaming system which launched less than five months ago at $249 will be available for a m... read feature


DS Lite drops to $99, Mario games get red box

May 31
Right when you begin to forget there even was a Nintendo DS Lite it comes back and reminds you of its existence with its new $99 price point. Nintendo says that the new $99 price will be effective starting June 5th.... read

Nintendo has announced that a new Wii bundle is coming May 15th with an MSRP of $149.99, confirming rumors from yesterday. The Wii will be available in white or black and comes packaged with Mario Kart Wii and a matching... read feature


Image of 'Nintendo Selects' Wii budget titles surfaces

May 03
Earlier today, we told you about the rumored line of budget games for Wii, which is set to roll out along with the also-rumored price drop for the system later this month. Quick update on that front! Images of the proposed bu... read

Retailers dropping Wii price to $170 en masse

Apr 18
[Update: Nintendo's not committing to a permanent price drop here, but would tell us that "Nintendo provides suggested retail pricing on its hardware and software products. The final price in stores is always up to retailers ... read

Deadstorm Pirates half price on European PSN

Mar 16
Deadstorm Pirates is basically the sole reason to have a PlayStation Move, but damn if it isn't a fine one. This utterly ridiculous on-rails shooter is currently half price on the European PSN, costing £7.99 until ... read

Back when the PSPgo came out it felt like I was the only one excited about it. It was small and sexy. It sold...some. At $250 for what really was a lesser game system that what it was supposed to stand in for, the PSPgo was a... read feature


Infinity Blade half price, major update coming soon

Mar 02
If you have an iThing but you've not yet tried Chair's excellent battle 'em up Infinity Blade, then now is definitely the time to do so. It's half price for the time being, which is turbo-awesome because Epic Games said it wo... read

PSP-3000 gets $129.99 price drop

Feb 25
Sony has announced that the PSP-3000 is getting a price drop. Sony's little brick of delights will now cost a cool $129.99, just ahead of the 3DS' launch and giving Sony plenty of time to clear stock before the NGP's launch. ... read

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, DJ Hero 2 get price drops

Jan 10
Good things to come to those who wait, and by "good things" I mean saving a few bucks on Activision's Hero titles. Only a few months after their launch, both Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 are getting price drops... read

PSA: Def Jam Rapstar now $39.99

Dec 22
Just a heads up to anyone looking for something to do with your family this holiday: have you considered Def Jam Rapstar? The game has received a price drop, now $39.99 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. That's down from $... read

NIntendo DSi and DSi XL prices dropping next month

Aug 30
Gaming on Nintendo's portable systems is about to get cheaper. Starting on September 12, the Nintendo DSi will now cost $149.99, with the larger Nintendo DSi XL dropping to $169.99. The "why is this thing still available?" mo... read

PS3 listed as $199 on Sony Style website [Update]

Jun 10
I don't have much more than that. See for yourself. Does this mean something? I have no idea. The 3D World section of the website lists the system for $199. "Starting at $199.99," it says. It's still the standard $299.99 on o... read

EA: Software prices will be dropping

Jan 04
$60 is a lot of money. Even if you do the rudimentary math and conclude that you're only paying a few dollars per the amount of hours you get out of a videogame it's still a lot of cash to lay down over and over again. But wh... read

AAAaaAAaaAAAaaAAA!!! A price drop!

Dec 18
If you haven't heard about AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! -- A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, I have good news for you. Dejobaan Games' arcade-action-high-score-getting-skydiving-pedestrian-insulting most recent work -- which,... read

Reggie Fils-Aime says no more Wii price cuts are coming

Oct 07
With all these price drops happening, maybe you were hoping the Wii might get another one -- to $149.99, perhaps? Well, you can forget that idea. Nintendo Prez Reggie Fils-Aime told CNBC in a recent interview that we've alrea... read

Nintendo has just announced a price drop for the Wii. Wow, what a surprise!America gets the price drop first on September 27 followed by Japan on October 1. The system will now sell for $199 in America and 20,000 Yen in Japan... read feature


Three more games added to 'XBLA Hits' line-up

Sep 22
Let's start with the good news first: three Xbox LIVE Arcade games have been added to the "Hits" program, which means they are going to be dropped from $10 a piece down to $5 starting this Wednesday when the pricing... read

Wii price cut rumors point to September 27 drop date

Sep 20
Okay, we get it, the Wii is having a price cut. Quite why Nintendo feels the need to deny it when we know it's happening is beyond me. Sony and Microsoft do this as well, where the evidence is pointing to a price cut or new S... read

Unbound Saga gets a little bit of a price cut

Sep 17
Desperate times call for desperate measures.As you may or may not have heard, Vogster Entertainment is not in the best of shape these days. As such, one of the studio's games, a download-only PlayStation Portable beat-'em-up ... read

Analysts predict Wii sales will continue to drop

Sep 14
As the prices of the other consoles out there continue to steadily drop, sales of the Wii have taken a turn for the worse. In fact, last month, Wii sales were down a whopping 39 percent from the previous year. Industry analys... read

Rumortoid: Wii getting a price cut the first week of Oct.

Sep 12
There's only one system hanging on now. One system that refuses to drop its price like everyone else is doing. It's that darn Wii, and so far Nintendo has been denying it will be giving a price drop any time soon. However, Ko... read

US PS3 sales shoot up 300 percent

Sep 11
We already knew that the new PS3 Slim was doing rather well in the land of the rising sun, but how are US audiences feeling about that shiny new package and price point? Well, pretty good, actually. In fact, GamesIndustry.Biz... read

Xbox 360 Elite gets a price cut in the UK, like right now

Aug 27
in the interest of not being complete jerks, Microsoft has seen fit to lower the price of an Xbox 360 Elite across the entirety of the United Kingdom. As of today, our friends in Great Britain can purchase a new system for th... read

Damn, an Xbox 360 Pro for $250? That's just about good enough of a price to tempt me to get a second system. If these Target ads that we saw on engadget are real and correct, the Xbox 360 60GB Pro will cost only $249 (free 2n... read feature


Xbox 360 getting a price drop next week

Aug 23
We’ve been hearing rumblings of an Xbox 360 Elite price drop for a little while now and this Walmart ad has confirmed what we knew was coming. The Xbox 360 Elite will be going for $299 starting next Sunday, a $100 price... read

Rumortoid: PS3 price cuts get shown off at FYE

Aug 15
Another price drop for the PS3 has been rumored for about as long as the system has been at its current prices. We've heard analysts talk about it, rumors fly everywhere and entire redesigns of the system crop up. Yet through... read

Japan gets some budget priced PS3 games

Aug 13
I love getting PS3 game son the cheap. I always feel like I'm gwetting away with something. According to Kotaku, I will be able to get that feeling again very soon as a nice handful of PS3 titles will be going to budget price... read

Price drop! Madballs going on sale for 800 Points tomorrow

Jul 14
Good news, everyone! Madballs in Babo Invasion is going to go for just 800 MS Points as opposed to the 1200 MS Points that was originally announced last week. For everything that Madballs has to offer, 1200 Points wasn&rsquo... read

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