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Ubisoft, the worst PC publisher on the planet, is now claiming that it suffers a 93-95% piracy rate on the platform. As a response, CEO Yves Guillemot promises it will jump into the free-to-play market.  "The advantage o... read feature

[Update: Ubisoft has publicly acknowledged the security flaw, and has issued a patch for all affected games. The patch will be a forced game update, and it's recommended to be run with your browsers closed. A new version of t... read feature

Blizzard admits DRM element in Diablo III's online

Jul 19
Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime recently published a statement regarding Diablo III, addressing a number of concerns that have cropped up since launch. Interestingly, he acknowledged criticism surrounding its "always-online... read

Japan takes another smack at Nintendo pirates

May 31
Nintendo DS pirates and home-brew hopefuls expecting to pick up a software loading card in Japan may need to start making other plans. Recently there was an amendment to the Unfair Competition Pr... read

Pachter: on-disc DLC is 'just plain greed'

May 28
Industry analyst Michael "horse sponge" Pachter has chimed in on the controversial practice of shipping games with "downloadable" content locked on the disc. While he said that he didn't think the delivery method mattered in ... read

The DSi comes to life, gets rubbed, and fights the R4

May 26
This video is pretty ancient, and has since been followed up by many more topical entries in the ongoing life of the DS console. Still, I had to post this one first, because it's the best.  It's tough to say anything else without ruining some of the fun. In fact, I'm worried I've already said to much. So please enjoy this thing! read

Crytek hopes to combat piracy better with Crysis 3

May 01
Crysis 2 has the distinction of being 2011's most illegally downloaded PC game, but Crytek strangely doesn't feel honored. With Crysis 3, the studio is aiming to be more stringent in tackling piracy.  "It’s unfortu... read

PSA: The Ghost of SOPA lives on with CISPA

Apr 10
SOPA may have been sent to Hades where it belongs, but those who sought to enact the Internet-crushing law have not stopped in their misguided war against online piracy. The latest bill to trying to sneak under our noses is C... read

Epic blames piracy for Bulletstorm's disappointing sales

Apr 10
Despite plenty of hype, solid reviews, and a premise that seemed almost cynically geared toward the modern American gamer, Bulletstorm didn't do as well as Electronic Arts hoped. People Can Fly's violent shooter didn't set th... read

Rumor: Next Xbox will use always-on DRM

Apr 02
An unsettling new rumor suggests that Microsoft's next generation Xbox will require a permanent Internet connection, ostensibly becoming a box of DRM in order to curb console piracy.  Further gossip contradicts previous ... read

DRM will go away when Ubisoft gets what it feels its owed

Mar 23
Ubisoft has won no fans with its insistence on using anti-consumer DRM measures in its PC games, but the European publisher doesn't want it to be that way. In fact, digital boss Chris Early thinks DRM's days are numbered, jus... read

PS Vita offers 'long term piracy protection'

Feb 22
Only one Destructoid reader would ever deny that piracy was a major problem on the PSP. According to some developers, it was enough to keep them away from the system entirely. Sony is naturally concerned about similar issues ... read

Jimquisition: Ubisoft

Feb 20
The Jimquisition has criticized many game publishers, especially Electronic Arts. Jim Sterling's wise judgements have been just and fair, but not altogether inclusive. EA isn't the only weasel in the lavatory, and it's high ... read

Jimquisition: When Piracy Becomes Theft

Feb 06
Piracy isn't theft, right? It's copyright infringement, yes? These statements aren't wrong, but they're not always correct. Not when we talk about a certain type of piracy that is most certainly theft, and deserves all the indignity that such a term implies. The just and fair Jim Sterling shall share the wisdom of his judgement. read

Volition dev would love a console that kills used games

Feb 06
The idea of a new Xbox that refuses to play used games may sound like a problematic, consumer-unfriendly, potentially suicidal idea to reasonable people who are capable of long-term thought, but some people are right behind i... read

DRM fun: Several legit Ubisoft games will break next week

Feb 02
Thanks to Ubisoft's insidious "always-on" DRM, legitimate copies of several Ubisoft titles will be unplayable next week. The publisher is shifting its servers, which would usually only affect multiplayer games, but will inste... read

Jimquisition: Trying to kill piracy makes it stronger

Jan 30
Piracy will never be destroyed entirely. It's a fact of life that some people just like to help themselves to freebies. However, not all pirates are in it for the discount, and some are actively driven to piracy by the very companies attempting to kill it. When you make your product harder to obtain and enjoy, all you do is breed an environment where pirates can thrive. read

Rovio CEO: Piracy can bring about more business

Jan 30
Speaking about piracy at the music conference Midem, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said something you don't always hear from executives: "Piracy may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business at the end of the day." Granted, this... read

Paradox: DRM is a waste of money

Jan 25
Paradox Interactive has slammed the digital rights software of other companies, calling such anti-piracy measures a waste of money.  "I’m so surprised that people still use DRM. We haven’t done that for seven... read

Jimquisition: Piracy Episode 1 - Copyright

Jan 23
Piracy is one of those issues that will absolutely never die, like the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle or the truth of the Zelda Timeline. I have always had a set view on piracy -- it's not the worst crime in the world, but ... read

[Update: As commenters have kindly pointed out, this is about more than Europe. Countries as widespread as Canada, Japan and New Zealand are already behind it, and the United States have had involvement (what a shock!). This ... read feature

SOPA has been shelved again following PIPA postponement

Jan 20
In the same day that the Protect IP Act has been postponed, there is news that Rep. Lamar Smith has chosen to shelve the Stop Online Piracy Act for the second time. He had previously promised that SOPA would get a hearing in ... read

Ubisoft: Anno 2070 DRM is 'working as intended'

Jan 20
The latest miserable press surrounding Ubisoft's trashy DRM concerned news that Anno 2070 would confuse a simple hardware change with an entirely new PC -- a real problem when you can only install the game three times before ... read

Atari, Ubisoft, others demanding money from pirates

Jan 16
A collection of usual suspects -- including Atari, Ubisoft and Codemasters -- have banded together to threaten pirates with legal action unless they stop their shenanigans and pay their dues. The deal is simple -- give publis... read

CD Projekt RED will stop pursuing Witcher 2 pirates

Jan 12
After word got out that CD Projekt RED was targeting individuals it believed to have pirated The Witcher 2, the company was met with resistance. Between the supposed 100% accuracy of identifying pirates and the high amount of... read

Notch: Can't afford Minecraft? Pirate now, buy later

Jan 12
Minecraft creator Notch has told a fan that if he can't afford Minecraft, he's welcome to steal it. The indie developer was responding to a gamer who asked for a free account, lacking as he did the cash to buy it.  "Just... read

Office Chat: The ESA is a smoke screen for SOPApillas

Jan 04
It's time again to join us for another casual conversation from Destructoid's virtual office. In this installment, Dale North struggles against incredible adversity in the forms of serious-minded Twitter users and a neighbor... read

Most pirated games of 2011 include Crysis, Mario, Gears

Dec 30
Torrentfreak has published its list of the most pirated games of 2011, a favorite end-of-year controversy for gamers around the world. The pirated software is broken up by system, with quite different results for each. No PS3... read

EA, Nintendo, Sony reduce SOPA support by 50%

Dec 30
It would appear that the three largest gaming companies supporting SOPA have quietly retracted their backing. Sony Electronics, Electronic Arts and Nintendo were all listed as supporters of the bill when it first came into be... read

The Witcher 2 devs crack down on thousands of pirates

Dec 15
The Witcher 2 developer CD Projeckt RED has, as promised, started going after those individuals it believes have pirated the game. According to TorrentFreak, thousands of BitTorrent users in Germany are being told by an exter... read

SOPA -- the online piracy bill that threatens to censor the Internet -- has earned the support of a number of game companies, including Nintendo, Sony and Electronic Arts. One publisher quietly supporting the bill was Microso... read feature

CD Projekt: The Witcher 2 pirated 4.5 million times

Nov 30
According to CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwinski, optimistic estimations suggest that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been illegally downloaded at least 4.5 million times.  "I was checking regularly the number of co... read

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