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Perpetual Entertainment


Perpetual Entertainment bails on Star Trek Online

Jan 14
// Colette Bennett
More news from the world of Captain Obvious and his sidekick, Blatant Bullsh*ttery: Developer Perpetual Entertainment (now renamed P2 Entertainment) has announced they will not continue development on much discussed MMO Star ...

Star Trek Online's Perpetual Entertainment sued by PR firm

Dec 12
// Colette Bennett
Things have been looking generally stormy for Perpetual Entertainment for months now. The announcement earlier this year that the studio had chosen to cancel their nearly completed MMO Gods & Heroes came after the announc...

Star Trek MMO goes more "casual" (Translation: we should see other people)

Nov 27
// Colette Bennett
Things have looked good for the future of Star Trek Online since the announcement of Perpetual Entertainment's "shift in focus" and cancellation of the Gods and Heroes project. It seems according to some recent news...

Perpetual shifts focus, Gods and Heroes axed, cats and dogs living together, etc

Oct 10
// Earnest Cavalli
Perpetual Entertainment, the people behind the (formerly) upcoming Gods and Heroes and (still upcoming) Star Trek Online have apparently shifted the focus of their efforts entirely towards the Roddenberry universe. According ...

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